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Does this sound ok with this last name?

I have a friend who's last name is Anne and is pregnant with a boy.  Does Ethan sound ok with Anne as the last name or is it too close to sounding like Ethan Allen, the furniture store?  Would you even think of the furniture store if you heard the name Ethan Anne?  I told her I'd post this for her to get non-biased opinions.  Thanks! 

Re: Does this sound ok with this last name?

  • The furniture store is what I immediately thought of.  I also think of an old Lily Tomlin skit about a little girl called Edith Ann. That's a tough last name for a little boy. 

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  • I didn't think of Ethan Allen until you brought it up.

    On the other hand, I dont think it flows well.

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  • I immediately thought Ethan Allen. I actually think that I read it that way b/c Anne and Allen have about the same letters.
  • That is a pretty hard last name to work with...I thought of the store right away!
  • My best friend just had a baby and named him Ethan and her last name is Allen. Yup, Ethan Allen. She said she didn't care if it was a furniture store.

    I don't think of Ethan Allen when I hear Ethan Anne. But it doesn't flow very well.

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  • I just dont like all the n sounds.  It is too much for me.  Plus Ethan is really popular.
  • No, doesn't sound OK.  It sounds unfinished to me...then it made me think of Ethan Allen.  Ethan Anne ??? Ann should be the middle name.  Not a fan.
  • I dont like it!! Sorry
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  • I think it sounds fine...I like it.
  • This is a tough last name to work with. Unfortinately I will need to side with these other ladies. I don't like the name.
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  • I think Ethan Anne is fine... I wouldn't have thought of the furniture store.

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