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When I say school it could mean - a Mother's day out program, daycare for a few hours, a toddler school program and/or pre k programs.

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CPW: School 43 votes

SO and I both work so LO(s) go to full time school/daycare
41% 18 votes
SO works/ I stay at home and LO(s) don't do any school
18% 8 votes
I work/ SO stays at home and LO(s) don't do any school
4% 2 votes
SO works/ I stay at home and LO(s) goes to a school 2-5 days a week
16% 7 votes
I work/ SO stays at home and LO(s) goes to a school 2-5 days a week
0% 0 votes
I/we homeschool
0% 0 votes
18% 8 votes

Re: CPW: School

  • I guess in my intro I should have included that must husband is a SAHD. We love it!
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    Same as @dani_brewer‌, we both work, but no daycare/school, yet (maybe PreK down the road, idk). H works 50-60 hours per week (all different shifts), but I only work 2-3 days per week, 7-8 hour shifts in the evening after H is home, or in the early morning before he goes in. I'd love to be a FT sahm but we live in a high COL area.

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  • @LuluRM‌ I would love to SAH as well!! Unfortunately mine is the higher paying job so that is completely out of the question. Maybe some day....

    I hear ya there! I made more than H for the longest time, and we both worked FT (me early mornings, him late night). We never saw each other. H got a promotion & raise 3-4 months ago, so I stepped down to part time (I'm grateful, but it is kind of a tease! It makes me REALLY not want to go to work!)

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    DS had his first day of preschool today! He goes 3 afternoons a week! We both loved it :)

    Edited to add that I am a SAHM
  • DH works nights and I work days, but my mom is retired and watches DD when DH needs to sleep.

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  • We both work.  My mom retired to watch my son.  
  • I am a SAHM/retired nanny of 7 years. I spent 4 years working in a daycare and have a degree in early childhood education. Currently I am only watching a few part time children while DH and I work on renovating a portion of our home into a state licensed group daycare. With that I am required to provide a preschool curriculum during the active school year. Unless something changed down the line DD most likely will just stay home with me. However I do have a wonderful preschool lined up if needed.

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  • the hubs works a normal job 7-4.  My schedule alternates weekly with a day shift and night shift.
    When I am on the day shift, the hubs drops him off at daycare around 6:30 and I pick him up at 4.
    Night shift weeks, he is home with be till about noon, then off to day care and picked up at 5 by my husband.  

    I am currently trying to transition into real estate so I can be more of a WFHM, but I still plan on sending him to daycare for a couple days of week.  If nothing else for the learning.  I have no teaching abilities at all.  

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  • Both DH and I work. DS goes to school full-time, DD goes to school half-day. Both of our mothers babysit our kids on different days and they pick the kids up from school and watch them until DH or I get home.
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  • I stay home, and DD is only 14 months, so no school. No daycare programs, either.

    I do work a few hours a week from home, while she naps, but not every day.


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  • I used to work ft and they went to dc until we moved a yr ago. The last yr the youngest was home with me. This yr she starts pre-k :) so they are both in school 3am's a week
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