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Anyone deliver at Mercy since the renovations?

I was looking online but couldn't really find much info.  I'm assuming the rooms are NOT LDRP's?  My previous deliveries were at St. Joe's (Kirkwood) and then St. Clare's (Fenton) and I'm used to the LDRP rooms.  I'm looking at Mercy now because I'm switching to a doc that's supportive of a VBA2C.  I saw that there are birthing balls, can your labor/deliver in a tub?  I'm considering a natural childbirth this time and I've heard that laboring in water is amazing.  I think years ago I was told that MoBap does labor tubs, but never heard anything about Mercy.

GSx1 - 05/13/2013
GSx2 for T&B - EDD 6/21/2015 - They're having a GIRL

Re: Anyone deliver at Mercy since the renovations?

  • I took the basic tour of the Mercy Birthing Center, which has yet to open (9/1) and they said that you can labor in the water but even in the naturally-focused birthing center, once you are ready, they must drain the water and you have to get out of the tub. So no water births there either.
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