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Help with first name...13 days from due date!

DH and I can't decide/agree on a first name. ?We have a couple of front runners...but just can't make a decision. ?Please feel free to pick one of these or make a suggestion of your own. ?

MN is Deen after a father-like figure to my DH. ?(I know it's an uncommon spelling...but that's part of honoring his memory.)

LN has two syllables and ends with n.?

I understand that these names aren't a lot of people's style...but they are ones we like. ?


Huntley Deen R

Barrett Deen R

Archer Deen R



Re: Help with first name...13 days from due date!

  • Out of those three names, I like Archer Deen the most. Barrett isn't bad, but I really don't like Huntley.
  • Archer of Barrett
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  • Huntley- seems made up

    Barrett- my fav, very cute

    Archer- makes me cringe a little, sorry!

  • I like Barrett the most. There's an older man named Huntley at my church, bad association. Archer also sounds like an older man's name.
  • I like Hunter much better than Huntley..I like Barrett and Hunter
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  • I don't care for Huntley at all - it's awkward to say and will probably be hard for your own child to pronounce until he's 4 or so.  Really - say the name and imagine all the motions your mouth has to go through to say it - it's hard for a little person (being named Elizabeth, believe me I know!)

    Barrett - it's OK.  All I think of though is Barrett's Esophagus.

    Archer - I'm torn. On the one hand I don't like it because I'm not a fan of "job" names.  But on the other hand I like the sound of it.  I'd vote for this one.



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  • I like Archer the best. :)
  • Barrett would be the best of the three-I am not the biggest fan they are a little funky- GL with your delivery
  • I like Barrett the best.
  • I like Barrett the best. Then Archer. Then Huntley (but I'd do Hunter over Huntley)
  • Archer
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  • Archer for sure...but don't let people call him Archie
  • Like Archer.

    Would do Hunter over Huntley.

    OK with Barrett.

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  • Barrett is the only one I like.  Huntley sounds girlish to me.
  • I love Barrett.  Archer makes me think of Archie Bunker.
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  • I like Barrett. I know a god named Archer NN Archie so I have a bad association. I do not like Huntley because it sounds totally made up. GL!
  • I think I like Huntley best and Archer the least although all three of them are NMS.
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    Out of those three names, I like Archer Deen the most. Barrett isn't bad, but I really don't like Huntley.


  • I prefer Archer
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  • NMS, but of those three I like Huntley the best.

    Oh, I'm not sure if this matters to you at all, but I just wanted to mention that Target's store brand is Archer Farms.

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  • I actually like Archer the best.  I even like the nn Archie.
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  • All of them are NMS.  Barrett is the most bearable to me.
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