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Suddenly Won't Take Her Nap!

I'll make this short and sweet. The past 4 days, our LO refuses to take her nap like she used to do. Let me also say that for months and months now she's been taking a minimum 3 hr nap every day. 

One thing we already know, at nap time, the general rule is not to let my wife put her down because she is the 'pushover' and if she starts to fuss about her nap or won't go down, it only happens with her. If I do it, she pretty much takes her nap. 

Just to give a quick timeline of what has happened. Saturday, I gave her some milk and she basically fell asleep in my arms..out for three hours. Sunday, she asked for my wife. We knew she was VERY sleepy too but she had her milk and just refused to take a nap. If she tried to put her in the crib she would start screaming bloody murder. Now the past two days, the nanny says she's been doing the same thing to her. She won't take a nap. By the time we get home from work she is basically a walking zombie with really sleep eyes. 

At night she sleeps just fine. 8:30 to 8:30. Same as always. 

So now we are kinda lost. Seeing her so tired when we get home is also affects her eating dinner cuz she is so sleepy. I honstly blame the nanny and my wife cuz if the girl whines even a little they go in and rescue her. I asked my wife what I think we should try and she just throws her hands up and says "You can't make a baby take a nap" .... my solution is let her freaking cry in her crib until she passes out. 

Re: Suddenly Won't Take Her Nap!

  • My DD (almost 3) has gone through phases where she doesn't nap. Right after she turned 2 we had a 2-week phase where she didn't fall asleep at naptime. There have been other weeks here and there where she doesn't go down.   If we are having one of those days where she's not settling down, she still has to stay in her room for quiet time with books, etc. for about an hour.  If she hasn't fallen asleep by then, we just do an early bedtime that day.  If your DD sleeps for 3 hours most days and is very tired when she doesn't nap, she probably still needs one.  I might do some activities that wear her out in the morning- like go to the park, etc. 


  • Yeah I think what you said is the next step. Though Sunday, when it really started, we had been outside at the pool at home for almost 2 hours and by 1 she was looking pretty tired so that is why we were surprised she wouldn't go down. Wondering if we let her get too tired and then it just becomes that impossible battle. 
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