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Two year sleep regression - help!

I have never posted here before. I searched the old posts but I'm hoping for a little advice specific to our situation. My 22.5 month old is in a crib and up til now was generally a good sleeper. Now it takes at least three tries over the course of an hour to put him to bed (used to take 5 minutes) and he is up screaming and crying during the night. Last night I tried to let him cry it out after trying over and over to comfort him - he climbed out of the crib. Twice. So we gave up and put him in bed with us this morning, which we have never done. I don't want that to become a habit. The only solution I can see is to anchor his furniture and turn his crib into a toddler bed, then let him do what he wants in his room if he won't sleep. But what else can I try?

For tonight, since we won't have time today to convert the crib to toddler bed, I will probably put his nap mat on the floor and lay down with him til he falls asleep. But that's another bad precedent to set.

This is all further complicated by the fact that I also have a 13 week old, and a husband who works nights (including the next three nights). I'm feeling pretty terrified about what tonight will bring. Any advice/anecdotes/etc?

Thanks in advance .
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Re: Two year sleep regression - help!

  • Have you tried turning the crib around or putting the mattress on the floor to keep him in the crib?

    I would also rule out teething or illness before making any changes. From my experience, one or two nights of sleeping in your bed won't ruin months of good sleeping habits. Hopefully it's just a phase and this will pass.
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  • I just posted this same question! My advice from my recent experience: DO NOT LAY ON THE FLOOR!!! He will get used to that! That's all I got for now. i'll let you know at a later date what I can come up with that works! Do you have a bedtime routine? Bath, books, songs, anything? If not, try that so he knows it's time to go to sleep.
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