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Won't Wear Diapers, Won't Go on Potty

I've reached a bit of an impasse with my daughter, who is nearly 2.5. She started taking off her diapers a few weeks ago, and she also easily peed on the potty before bedtime each night with her older sister for months now. I thought she was ready to potty train and so I started doing what worked for my older daughter. I let her pick out undies, she was very excited, and tried putting her on the potty frequently. It worked at first, but after a couple of days, she started refusing to sit on the potty at the given intervals. She wouldn't even "try" just said "NO! I don't have to go."
So now, we've been at it for close to 3 weeks. She won't put back on diapers (even a pull-up at naptime is a major tantrum), but she won't go to the potty when asked. Today, she's had 4 pee accidents in her undies so far. She seems to just enjoy getting new clothes and getting herself dressed. I've tried saying "Oh no! You got your clothes wet, whoops!" but she doesn't seem to distinguish this as a bad thing. I don't know what to do. She is NOT understanding. Or she is just choosing to be stubborn, whatever. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's really frustrating and I can sense the power struggle I am trying desperately to avoid. I really thought she was ready, or I wouldn't have even started. I also thought she'd be quick to train since she is eager to do what her big sister does. Gah. Suggestions? I'm trying to just back off, but when she won't go back to diapers, it is hard. 

Re: Won't Wear Diapers, Won't Go on Potty

  • I know the timed intervals of potty breaks work for some, but my DD would have gone crazy with that approach.  We put the potty in a central location in our home and let her decide when to go, I also bought the Potette (sp?) to bring with us on walks and what not, made sure she always had access to a potty and left her to it.  She got 2 M & Ms when she had a success, which was a huge motivator for her since we almost never give candy.  

    It sounds like she's ready, but it's turned into a power struggle.  If you think she enjoys picking out a new outfit each time, perhaps if she has an accident you get to pick the outfit.  She starts out with the outfit of her choice, after that you pick it?
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