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I am a mom-to-be, expecting my first child at the end of March, and I am hoping someone out there can help me!  Several months ago, my sister called me up extremely excited that she found a Britax Companion - Onyx infant car seat in Target for $49.95.  I had never heard of Britax, my husband and I hadn't done any research yet on car seats, and we were in the process of moving into our new home and weren't yet focusing on buying baby gear.  Long story short, my sister bought it and then sold it on Craig's List because we werent sure whether or not that was the kind we wanted.  Yesterday, my husband and I went to Babies R Us to register and after much research and checking out the BRU inventory, all I want now is the Britax Companion!  Unfortunately, I cant find it anywhere...just online for 3-4X that sale price!!!  It's KILLING me that I didn't listen to my sister a few months back!!!  And of course, Target has discontinued selling the Britax Companion.  Anyone out there know where I can get one at the still discounted price???


Thanks in advance!

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    I didn't check, but they have a random assortmant of goodies. Or try the Britax website.

  • Chanecs are, that price was available because Taregt was clearancing it out (or there was a pricing mistake - something that happened on Marathons last month - that your sister got lucky on). The only way you'll find it at that price would be if you found a store selling a discontinued pattern . . . and even then, it probably won't be that cheap. There are usuall sales on Britax in Feb/Mar ( usually has good sales) when they discontinue some patterns to make room for new ones.
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