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Glad to see I am still entertaining you all.

Although it is a little creepy. And stalking my Instagram? I didn't even know it was public. Stupid me. I've been reading a little about myself, and let me just say I don't know who Olga is, but this is the first time I've posted since I left....whenever it was that I left. Pinky promise. I didn't get my pram, the crib I wanted, or a bigger just because ring (as you ladies know, bloating at 37 weeks is a bitch, so I got it the right size for my normal hands). And my shoes, I LOVE them. They're not fake, I "tacked" them up all on my own, and I get compliments everywhere I wear them. I was going to come back, slowly reintroduce myself and tell you guys maybe I went a little nutty, but it seems you all haven't forgotten. Have fun talking about me for another year!

Re: Glad to see I am still entertaining you all.

  • Oh, and what does "bsc" stand for?
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  • Thanks tashad18! Nice to see you too CV :-)
  • @crunchymama11‌ it's really me. Swearzies. Actually I'm using the same email address, so if you go waaaaaay back to when I was really here, it's changed my posts to this name. I do prefer batmandi though. And no, I am not CVs AE or vice versa.
  • Is it a full moon tonight @crunchymama11‌? And if so, are we learning how to howl anytime soon?
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    Sorry @Snowboarderbritt‌, I don't think this is quite the exciting thread you are desiring(?), at least not yet. But @tmccord21‌ and @nryan15 aren't here yet, so maybe it will get interesting soon. Your baby is adorable, btw. Cute siggy pic.
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  • Snowboarderbritt said It has been seriously boring around here.

    With how much you ladies still bring me up, I can imagine. I know I'm infamous on TB, but jeez, you guys still talk about me a LOT. I was genuinely surprised.
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  • image ...well hello there ;)

    Hello @jaycarmelxo :-) That pram is lovely!
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    baaaaaaaaha! deadddd
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  • cdhaslag said:
    Where's the O13 MF? ::paging doctor motherfucker, paging doctor board motherfucker:: imageimageimage@petdocd‌ #thatjusthappened
    haha, it's @petdocd #nicestmferever

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  • Well I got a pram.


    I had nothing to do with the original threads, totally missed them in fact, but all of this ^^^
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  • Holy crap this exploded today. I'm at work so I'll quickly touch on the few points I saw.

    First, @NRyan15, I did not insinuate you were a bitch, actually I quite like you and your watermelon and gun. I only said that because back in my day, you and tmccord were some of the most active posters, especially of the gif variety (which I really miss so gif it up ladies).

    Here's the down low. After I gbcb'd, gcbc? Whatever. After I left I emailed the bump gods to completely deactivate my account, and I did not look, at all, because I knew you guys were probs talking about me it I didn't want to read hurtful things, I just wasn't in a good place to deal, my offline life was exploding and I will admit I took out a lot of my frustration and crazy on you guys. So I didn't look, at all, and I rejoined TB a few weeks ago and was just looking at the TTC pages. Then last night I was on my laptop and saw that you could search within a group/birth club, so I decided to come around, see what you ladies were doing, and then search to see if you guys were done talking about my I WILL ADMIT, looney days. I read through a few pages of comments and threads, and that's what has brought me here today.

    I will gladly post a picture of my shoes, I've had to retire them because they've lost many of their sparklies, but I keep them around.

    And thank you to whoever said my LO is cute :-)

    That's the story!
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