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McDonald Apple allergy

My son rarely gets happy meals bc we hardly ever eat fast food but in the last two weeks he's had two. I noticed with the first that he broke out in this red rash around his face the first time. I panicked because I thought it was due to an antibiotic he was taking for an ear infection. Now today he coincidently had a happy meal from mcdonalds again and I noticed the same thing happened again.

Has anyone else had this happen? He hasn't shown to have any kind of allergy yet. The red rash does go away in about an hour. He has no other symptoms and is happily playin otherwise.
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Re: McDonald Apple allergy

  • Just confused by your post title, you think he's maybe allergic to the apples in the happy meal?

    Did he get ketchup on his face when eating both times? It sounds to me like it could be a contact reaction and it would make sense that it would be caused by ketchup because of the acidity. 
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  • Does he eat regular apples and have a reaction?

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  • Unfortunately mcdonalds is more chemical than food. I wouldn't base any reactions to actual food off of it.
  • I might be mistaken, but I think the little packages of apples are treated with citric acid or lemon juice, so is it possible the citrus is causing an issue? One of my daughters was very sensitive to acidic foods at a young age and my nephew has broken out in hives from lemon zest in a cake...
    That was my first thought, too. I would compare how he does with regular apples.
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  • Not sure what they preserve the apples with, but the buns contain an ingredient in styrofoam. There are so many ingredients in their breads alone, who knows what he is allergic to. Rashes can be a sign of gluten intolerance.
  • If it's citric acid; if I eat too many lemons---very high in citric acid---I get eczema.
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