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Baby girl's name

My mother always wanted for me to name my child Dawson (which is my current lastname, in time it will change) she passed away and I am expecting my first child, we still don't know what the gender is yet but I really want to follow her wish... Here's the thing, I honestly like it better for a girl! I'm thinking Dawson Anne Hanna, Hanna being the last name. But people are giving me grief over it. What do you guys think? Does it sound dumb for a girl? It's not like she will be referenced to the show Dawson's creek cause I'm 23 years old and only a few of my friends even watched the show, and kids her age will have no idea what it is so I don't see the problem.

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  • I actually like it for a girl, a lot.
  • I'm usually not a huge fan of this trend, but I don't hate it.
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  • I like the name Dawson for a girl or boy.
  • Dawson would make an acceptable last name. Name her Elizabeth or Charlotte Dawson, and the bump will be greatly pleased.
  • Because you asked for opinions... I agree with others about the"-son" part of the name. It irks me when a name with that ending is used for a girl.

    However, it's your child so you can do what you want.
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  • -son means "son of". I really dislike it for a girl, unless you want to put it in the middle name spot. My opinion isn't what matters though, it's yours and your husband's. If you love it and DH is on board, use it.
    This. I definitely don't like Dawson for a girl. 100% masculine to me, and I would never assume it's a girl if I saw the name.  I think it's lovely that you want to do what your mother wished, but if that were me I would likely only choose it if it were a boy. Or maaaaaaybe try and use it as a middle name somehow.

    But your choice, obviously :) 
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  • I'm not a fan of it for a girl. What about using it as a middle name? Or what about Dawn?
  • I'd personally use it as a first name for a boy or a middle name for a girl. 
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    I don't hate it for a girl, but I like it better as a middle name for sure. It's more that I don't like "Dawson Hanna" as a full name. I agree with PP that Elizabeth Dawson Hanna flows better (or something of that nature). You can always call her by her middle name if you want, but I think on paper and legally it sounds/looks better that way.
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  • Stargirlb said:
    Dawson would make an acceptable last name. Name her Elizabeth or Charlotte Dawson, and the bump will be greatly pleased.
    I know that @stargirlb is being TIC because TB especially the Baby Names Board is known for liking more traditional names, but I kind of agree with this. The first name doesn't need to be so traditional, but I'd definitely choose something more feminine for a girl's first name and then use Dawson as the MN.

    That said, the only opinions that *really* matter, OP, are yours and your SO's.
    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • If it is a girl is use it as a middle name. For a boy I would say first is okay.
  • to me its a boy name as a first name, for a girl I would middle name it. I have a friend that named their daughter Davis and got some flack over it. its your baby, do what you would like :)
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  • Last name only. Hyphenate it with your own if you must.
  • Maybe you could keep your last name and give it to your baby either by itself or hyphenated.
  • I am the only child and the last one with my last name since my cousins on my father's side are all girls. When I got married my husband took my last name because he has a brother and several male cousins. My father who passed away last fall made a comment to me once that I would be the last one with his last name and it me decide to keep it. He passed three years after my wedding and I'm very happy I decided to keep my last name and lucky that my husband didn't mind changing his. Names are important and having a name with a deep meaning is enriching. I think Dawson would be a lovely name for a boy or a girl and it will mean so much to you as well. I plan on naming my baby after my father whether it is a boy or girl but I refuse to tell people the girl version bc I am afraid they will try to talk me out of it and make me doubt myself.
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  • I think Dawson is a boys name, the -son ending is hard to look past. I think you could get away with using it as a middle name or if you ever have a boy, use it then
  • I'm a girl with a known "boy's name" and it is difficult, even to this day. People always assume I'm male, always call me Mr., and even once addressed mail to Mr. & Mrs. (Maiden name) assuming I was the Mr.

    I'm not saying it's out of the question, but I still get funny looks when I say, "no, that's me -- I swear." I love my name and wouldn't change it, but it's just something to be aware of.
  • I like so called "masculine" names for a girl. I think gender roles for names are outdated. I like it for a girl or a boy.

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  • I like the name Dawson she could have a nickname Dawn or whatever :) or Darsey
  • I like it.

    For those who are hung up on the "son = boy" thing, what about Addison, Madison, Allison, etc.?

    I have a last name that sounds like a masculine first name, so people sometimes get confused if they see "Lastname, Firstname" and think I'm a guy, but then they call me on the phone or meet me and realize I'm a woman. It's not a big deal IMO.
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  • I like it for a girl! My name is Ryan, which is very much a boy name but I love my name and very happy my mom chose it. I think names that are usually for boys are very cute and unique to give to a girl!
  • I like so called "masculine" names for a girl. I think gender roles for names are outdated. I like it for a girl or a boy.

    I completely agree with this comment. If Dawson is what you and the father truly want for your child, go for it! I personally think it is adorable ;)
  • I actually love it, it's unique and not many girls or boys for that matter have Dawson as a first name! Our opinions don't matter however, if you love it and it's special to you that's all that matters! :)
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  • Name your baby what you want to name her! Multiple people have made comments on our chosen name but we like it and it is all that matters!
  • Name your baby whatever you want. I fully intend for my baby's middle name to be Bennett after my grandfather regardless of whether it is a girl or boy (we're not planning to find out). Who cares what other people think!
  • I love the name for a girl... It's on my list too, but I have it spelled Dawsyn. It just looks more feminine to me spelled that way!! (That's just me tho...) You go with what you like girl!!! :)
  • jennyhatt said:
    I prefer Pacey :)
    :x I totally watched the first season of Dawson's creek last night, I kid you not. I love Netflix. I got through 3 episodes!
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