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AF already?!?!?!

Quick question for you ladies. When did AF arrive for you after delivery? My little guy will be 1 month tomorrow and it looks like AF has arrived today to help celebrate. We had BFing issues, so I have been EPing. I am concerned what this will mean for my supply. Thank you in advance for your input!
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Re: AF already?!?!?!

  • AF arrive exactly 6 months after DS was born for me. I BF for 3 months and then did both when I returned to work. AF really did not mess up my supply. I was able to continue to nurse and pump until I weaned DS at 1 year. Sorry to hear AF showed up so soon.

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  • With DS1 it was 5 months PP, but I bled for 9 weeks after he was born - it would taper off and then come back, but AF herself didn't make an appearance until he was 5 months.

    How long has it been since your PP bleeding stopped? Sorry she came back so soon, that stinks. :(
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  • Thank you ladies! The bleeding seems to have tapered off, so maybe it was PP bleeding returning. PP stopped about 2 weeks ago, so it wasn't my first thought, but maybe.

    @mamalamb10‌ - did a LC help get DS back to the boob? I kind of thought my window had closed for that, but would love to try and get the latch figured out if there was still time.
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  • I had PP bleeding for 6 weeks and it was extremely sporadic. I bled for maybe the first 5 days. Then nothing for a week. Then more bleeding. Some spotting here and there. Until I finally stopped wearing a pad around the 6 week mark. My OB said it was normal to have bleeding on and off and any bleeding (other than hemmorhaging or clots, etc) during the first 6 weeks was totally normal, even if it seems like it goes away and comes back. I hope it's not AF for you :( But I would call or discuss at your 6 week follow up if you're concerned.

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  • I had 13 weeks of PP bleeding after my c/s.  It went in spells, from almost nothing to AF-like flow.  I went back in at 10 weeks to get checked, when I was passing clots again.  It ended up to be just me, but my OB was worried about retained tissue.  True AF showed up at 4 months PP while EBF. 

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  • I got mine at 7 weeks PP, but I think I was still bleeding at a month out from delivery! It would seemingly go away then randomly come back.
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  • Agree with others it sounds like PP bleeding still. The pumping should keep AF away the same way BFing does. Your body doesn't know the difference. I'm at 9 months PP and still no AF.

    There's someone from my BMB who EPed until 3 months and got baby back on the breast so it's possible!
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  • I'm still waiting on AF, I did have PP bleeding after 1 month though. It sucks!

    GL! I hope you can get your LO on the breast :).

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  • I EBF and AF returned last month when DS was 3 months old. No supply issues. Also, after I had DD, AF returned on a normal monthly cycle when she was 2 months old and I still EBF'd her for 13 months with no supply issues. I'm one of the "lucky" ones who gets to deal with a period when most don't while BFing. Sigh.
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