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planning ahead, but I feel so lost

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So I mentioned recently that we decided that in Jan, if we had still been unsuccessful thus far with a viable pregnancy, we would consult a RE.
Now, I feel like I need some solid plans on the path we may be facing...I hate not having things planned out because it makes me feel like I have no control, which I really dont... but plans like how many iui cycles we are willing/financially able to do with the possibilities we have to continue more than once. I decided that in 5 years, we will do an IVF cycle, 1. I will be 30. 2. It gives us time to have a nest egg to pay for it and not be in debt. 3. Dd will be 10 years old, and 4. That will be a horrid 9 ish years ttc at the worst case scenario and I feel at that point we need to try ivf at least once?
That leaves a 5 year gap of no plans specifically at all, and I feel the need to have a plan in place... I googled the average cost of iui's were between $300-$4000, but was wondering what everyone else has experienced? I know we won't be able to do one every month for 5 years because that just seems unrealistic to me... do any of you have a fertility budget? I was thinkin maybe 3 per year, but idk if that is even fathomable... either way I'm not GARAUNTEED a baby right? I've mentioned adoption, but DH is not on that train yet... which I understand, that would be once every other option is exhausted, but at least with adoption, I am garaunteed a child...

I am interested if any of you are open to sharing your plans and how you decided upon them.

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Re: planning ahead, but I feel so lost

  • I would probably wait to meet with your RE before worrying about a plan. S/he will help you develop a plan as well as provide financial info as it will depend on meds, etc. It always a good idea to save financially so just start putting money aside.

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  • Our upcoming IUI costs about $3,000- that includes two days of insemination. I am not sure how many cycles we will do. I do know that we won't do IVF. We can't afford it and our insurance covers nothing. So financially our decision to not do IVF was made for us. 
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  • Ivf will be our last resort before adoption. Realistically, I'm not sure how we will ever be able to do iui's seeing as how we have to save for 5 yrs to even do ivf... I don't want to be into high debt to have a baby. But the more I look into it, I think we could maybe do 2  iui cycles and be financially ok still.


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