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Too much weight gain?

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I just did my 11 week checkup (2nd apt) and I have gained now 16 lbs in total. Granted our honeymoon was in between, but has anyone gained and then trailed off? I don't feel like I've gained that much. I don't look that much different. I walk 4-5 miles 3x a week and then do yoga 2x per week. :(

-Jen ( First Time Mommy)

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Re: Too much weight gain?

  • This is my first and I haven't gained any weight (the scale varies +/-2lbs each morning but I attribute that to bloat). Who knows though, I may catch up quick! It may be that your body is holding more water than you may have expected? As long as you and the baby are healthy that's a big old plus in my opinion.

  • With DD I gained 7 lbs before 10 weeks because eating helped curb the nausea and I thought that was a lot. At 10 weeks my ms kicked it up a notch and food became the enemy so I didn't gain anything for the next month or so. Then I followed a pretty standard 1-2 a week for the most part. Honestly 16lbs sound like a lot and is more than "recommended" since really in the first tri there is not much to be accounted for by baby, placenta, fluid or even blood volume. However I suppose it depends if you were overweight/underweight to begin with, what your diet is like and your activity level (which sounds good). Agree with PP on listening to your doctors input.

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  • With my first pregnancy I gained 25 pounds in 20 weeks. I swear I didn't even have a bump yet and none of my friends believed that I had gained that much, but I did. After the 22nd week, I finally started showing the slightest bit but my weight gain pretty much stopped for a solid month or 2 and then picked back up in the last trimester. I gained 42 pounds with that pregnancy and people are shocked when I tell them that for some reason (I guess I carried it well? It certainly didn't feel like it!). My doctor was never concerned and I lost all the weight easily.

    I wouldn't worry too much about weight. Focus on healthy eating and exercise and your body will do what it needs to do and gain what it needs to gain.





  • I'm 5'1 and started at 135 with #1. I gained 8 lbs my first trimester because I had no nausea or M/S at all and just ate all the foods, all day long. My OB told me that I needed to slow down a little or my weight gain was going to be out of hand by the end of my pregnancy. That being said, I gained around 23 lbs my 2nd tri, and only a few pounds 3rd tri. #2 followed pretty much the same pattern. I gained 36 lbs with #1 and 34 lbs with #2.

    This pregnancy, I started out a few pounds heavier, lost a couple due to nausea, and have started gaining now that the worst of that seems to have passed. I'm up about 2 lbs and I'm 10 weeks.

    What did your doctor have to say? 
  • Yah I honestly look no different except a tiny I do not get it? :/
    I am eating healthy still with a cheat here and there, but not more than before. Do you think it's possible I'm eating not enough so my body is double time storing?image
    Here is a photo at 16 lbs lighter on the left and then me yesterday on the right.

    I apologize too- I did this via mobile and the topic got posted twice.

    -Jen ( First Time Mommy)

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  • Everyone is different, don't sweat it. If you're active, and you feel good.

    I saw this list on the breakdown of pregnancy weight gain a while ago, I found it interesting. (4 pounds of extra blood??)

  • Women gain weight differently during pregnancy. Some front load it all and others gain everything at the very end. The charts are just general guidelines, so try not to overanalyze it too much. What does your doctor say?



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  • You look great! Keep eating well and stay active like you have been, and you'll be good.

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  • I'm a little past 9 weeks and so far I've lost 6 pounds! I'm now down to 112 and I'm 5'3 tall. I figured I had gained weight because my stomach has been poked out. I honestly have no idea where I'm losing the weight from. Just stay healthy and eat healthy and all should be well.
  • I've gained 4 lbs so far, but every one is different. The 4 lbs, though, can really be seen in my waist and love handles. You look great. 
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  • I have gained 1 lb so far I'm 11 weeks! But I haven't been really hungry lately
  • I think it all depends on what your dr says. Ive only gained 3 lbs and I'm 11 weeks tomorrow. Ive been a black hole and expected more gain. Everyone will gain differently.
  • I've gained 10lbs at 11 weeks. My dr is a little concerned, however I have even extremely nauseous - so no exercise, but have been eating lots of carbs. I also have several endocrine diseases and have not been able to calibrate my medicine quite yet. It may be worth checking your thyroid and cortisol if you are extra sluggish and are concerned with weight gain.
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  • Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different.

    I gained about 20 lbs in the first tri with DS1 and a total of about 60lbs that I lost within 4 months of delivering.

    I gained about 5 lbs in the first tri with DS2 and 37 lbs total and it took me 2 years to lose the last 5 lbs.

    With this one, I was doing great then all of the suddenly weight jumped and I'm up 6lbs at 10 weeks.

  • I don't remember how much I gained in the 1st trimester the last time. However I gained a total of 34lbs.
    Starting weight was : 131lbs
    I wouldn't stress too much about it as long as you are eating healthy.

    This time around I am 9wks I think I have only gained 3.5lbs
    I am 5'4" starting weight : 123 lbs
    < image
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    I've already gained 9-10 pounds and I'm only 9w6d. I started at 123 and am up to 132-133. My eating habits changed a lot once I realized I was pregnant so that explains it.
  • Well scratch what I said, I lost those 3 pounds of gain and im back to my starting weight. Your body will do what it wants.
  • I'm 5'2 and 115 9w and some days no weight gain yet. The scale reads 1or 2lbs more or less but I just think that's depending on what I eat that day.
  • I'm 6 ft and 154. I started at 156 and lost 4 pounds when I was having terrible MS because I wasn't eating! but now I guess I'm starting to put it back on.
  • First pregancy for me, so I can't say what the future holds. But I've gained 4 lbs so far in 10 weeks. I have not been exercising like I used to though. It's really hard to get past the nausea and "just do it". Ug.

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  • 11w and gained 5 lbs so far. I was actually a little worried, but reading this feed made me realize it's not just me! I agree that everyone's body is different. But I haven't been denying myself anything and I've been considerably less active than I was...
  • 11 wks 4 days. I'm 5'2, 100 lbs at the start and have gained about 2 lbs. Have not had any nausea or MS and the dr is very pleased with the slight weight gain. I jog 9-12 miles per week and eat purely organic, tons of fruits and veggies and that seems to be helping! I haven't been more hungry than normal yet, but food sure tastes better :) I'm just careful that my serving sizes stay about the same.
  • Yah I don't feel like anything has really changed that much on me except the little belly starting, but it's definitely bump or bloat because it is higher and harder than fat would be.
    I gotta slow down the cheats and get a more fruits and veggie meal planning.

    -Jen ( First Time Mommy)

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  • Honestly.. my clothes hardly fit anymore and i'm still way too early. I don't think I even eat THAT much. I am terrified to weight myself because I put some extra weight on after miscarriage too (depression). Hope i can overcome this obession with my body image.
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