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11 Weeks Pregnant

Has anyone told their boss yet?

Hi Everyone! I'm just at 11 weeks now and I'm finding that I'm totally exhausted every day.  I'm afraid that it's affecting my work.  I'm also definitely starting to show and I'm getting worried someone is going to call me out before I'm ready to tell my boss!  Has anyone else told their boss that their pregnant yet?

Re: Has anyone told their boss yet?

  • I told mine after our 8weeks scan.
    havent worked together for long and I'm on a trial in a new role.
    He's got kids but doesnt do personal stuff well.
    we've recently started a massive project too.
    first thing he said congratulations.
    he was absolutely fine.

    Knows I work hard and will still put in 110 and not take a lend.
    really pleased I told him :0
  • I told my boss and most of my coworkers today. I had my "8" week appt and was a bit further along than I thought I was so I used my upcoming appt in less than 2 weeks as a starting point of discussion. My company is very supportive. Good Luck :
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  • I told my boss because I am very close with her.  I also told 2 coworkers who i am close with but I am waiting until 12 weeks to "come out".  My husband is from Italy and they are very superstitous about telling people before the end of the 1st trimester.  Also, I was able to do some of the screening bloodowork at 9.5 weeks and I will get that back a few days before I am ofically done with the 1st trimester... so I guess that is another reason why I have decided to wait.  I am sure there are some peoeple who can tell, but I don't care because they should know that it is rude to ask this early along! 
  • I am 11 weeks along and I just found out at 9 weeks. I immediately went to the Dr and after that I did tell my boss. I had been extremely sick, had alot of fatigue, not to mention I was starting to show just a tad. I wanted him to understand what was going on since I hasn't been myself lately. He has been wonderful about it and so have my clients. I'm glad I told my boss.
  • I haven't told mine yet because she is not a pleasant lady. I'm on a two week vacation right now and by the time I get back I'll be 13 weeks and probably showing, so I'm thinking of giving her a call instead of face-to-face. I haven't decided yet. I'm dreading the conversation.
  • I was constantly sick and extremely tired when I found out at 7wks I told my boss. She's was glad that it wasn't any seriously wrong with me
  • I told my boss when I needed to request off the day for our second appointment at 11 weeks. Probably told her around the 8 week mark. We had just started at this store ( wal-mart) and found out maybe two days before our interview we where pregnant, ( me and my former partner). She said congratulations but did ask if we knew before hand... I said no :)


  • I told my boss at about 6 weeks. She is a mother if 5 and so understanding. She was super happy for me and adjusted my work duties so its not so full on. And when I got a cold she gave me the week off to get better. Glad I told her. But I guess it all depends on your boss. Only you can know when is the right time.
  • I told my boss due to the sickness and me not being able to do my job to the best of my ability like I was doing. We have a good relationship so she was excited for me.

  • I haven't told my boss yet but I also haven't had much nausea or sickness. It's also my first so I am not showing yet either. I feel its a personal decision when you want to tell. I know my boss will be fine with it but for me I just would rather wait as long as I can. I feel like some people where I work will treat me differently or think I can't do my job.
  • Yes, I'm 11 1/2 weeks and I told my boss last week.  I've been exhausted lately and wanted her to know why I've been taking some leave almost everyday at lunch.  The good news was she was thrilled!  And told me to take whatever time I needed.  Even told me if I needed to, she'd be okay with me going to the nurse to take a nap! 

    I knew she'd take it well - but it helped that I had a plan for when I will be out in January.  Telling her I thought so and so could habdle this project while I was gone, and that  I had plans to start training others...  I think it made her feel like it wasn't going to be such a disaster to lose me for a couple months and certainly made me look good for thinking ahead.  

    Good luck! 


  • I told both of mine at ten weeks. We all get along and we share family issues al of the time. I was still scared at first, but am so glad I did. Our office had a week of painting and then a week of carpeting. They were so excited and told me to do what I can, but not to stress over anything. They even told me to do work from home because of the toxins. Hope you have good luck with telling yours!
  • I told my boss really early at 5 wks. I work in a really family supportive place though and our boss is wonderful and understanding. She and my coworkers were nothing but thrilled for me and my partner. I actually didn't really think twice about telling work. I've been extremely sick and tired and my manager has been really understanding. No one even bats an eye when I sleep on the couch at lunch in our group room. I'm really grateful to have such a supportive work environment!:
  • I work in a very small nursing dept at a hospital. I told my manager and charge nurse at 8 weeks mainly so they could help me avoid certain risks, such as patients with chicken pox, HIV and etc. her opinion is that my unborn baby shouldn't be at risk right now. It helps that she used to be a labor and delivery nurse.
  • I told my boss, and he said "I'd better replace you now then." I think it was a knee jerk reaction since he's afraid I'm going to leave with no notice and leave him high and dry. He's a fearful one. He's on vacation now and I'm looking for other work just in case.....I personally would rather go through this now (early on) than any later, so I'm still glad I told him.
    This was only a temporary job anyway and I haven't been here long....part time.
  • I told my boss when I was 6 weeks. I needed to tell her because of some concerns with my work environment. I'm a hairstylist and I need to avoid being around the straightening treatments. I was very glad I let her know and she was very supportive about the whole thing.
  • I'm a teacher so I avoided telling my boss at the beginning because the year was almost over. However, I decided I'm going to go in and tell her tomorrow. We have had 2 good appointments, and I want her to know from me before she hears from someone else. Hopefully it will go well! 

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  • I'm to scared to. I just started this job 3 weeks ago and I don't want them to think just because I'm pregnant I won't be able to preform at my best. I feel like I was laid off from my last job because I told them. They said the company wasn't bring in enough revenue even though we had your highest numbers the month before. I'm scared of something like that happening again.
  • I told my boss, and he said "I'd better replace you now then." I think it was a knee jerk reaction since he's afraid I'm going to leave with no notice and leave him high and dry. He's a fearful one. He's on vacation now and I'm looking for other work just in case.....I personally would rather go through this now (early on) than any later, so I'm still glad I told him.
    This was only a temporary job anyway and I haven't been here long....part time.
    This is horrible! You should go to HR and report this. 

    And in response to Lauren, I know how you feel. I just started at a new and prestigious internship 2 weeks ago and I'm afraid to tell my supervisor because I'm so new to the company and he doesn't know me well enough yet to know what a hard worker I am. I am thinking that I may delay announcing it for at least a month and half in or until I feel that I've kind of proven myself a bit.  I also don't want to wait to long though and not give enough notice... it's tough. 
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  • I told my boss at 9 weeks, mostly due to not being able to hide morning sickness & I hadn't done my makeup in almost 2 weeks. First they asked if I was happy or indifferent...before I could answer they said either way they know this baby will bring the best in me, more determination, if it was possible. I have 1 child already & I do everything for her. Either way telling them now or later they can't fire you for getting pregnant, just stack up on healthy energy snacks. Kerri up the work you already do. Congrats btw.
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    i've been on and off bed rest so I finally had to tell him last week.  He was super supportive.
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  • I just started interviewing for jobs. I'm 11 weeks and don't know if I should tell potential employers. I recently graduated with my master's and need to get to work asap because those student loans won't wait. I know legally I do not have to disclose, but how long would a person wait before disclosing once hired especially moving into the second trimester? 
  • I told my boss at about 7 weeks, only because I had a miscarriage in Jan that started at work! Fortunately I work for a chiropractor, so she's super understanding.:)
  • I am a CNA and my boss hates me, why I don't know. But what I did because no one can keep a secret in my job is I told about 3-4 people and it spread like wildfire. I knew it would only be a matter of time before it got to my boss and that way I didn't have to tell her she found out threw the grapevine lol. Now everyone knows and has been really good about it. Now my boss is the type of person looking for any excuses to get rid of me but it is against the law for her to fire me because I am pregnant and she knows that if she did fire me now she would have a lawsuit on her hands that's why I think she hasn't approached me about it at all. I would suggest just letting them know at the end of your first trimester if you get along great with your boss or not because as pregnant women we are protected by the law.

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