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11 Weeks Pregnant

Any mother of 3??

This is my third pregnancy to which my second was 8 years ago so it feels mentally like my first. I started showing around 9 weeks. Now 11 weeks my tummy looks like A Beer gut lol.. But doctor says the more children you have the sooner you will show. I have gained about 3 lbs but look like I've gained 10 ;/

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  • My 3rd as well! My last baby is 4 1/2, still  not showing, i fit in all my clothes..but I feel the same as ive gained 10!
  • This is my third also and I feel miserable lol my first two children I was healthy and happy but this one I am sick from sun up to sun down and constantly light headed I began showing also and could swear that I could feel slight movements
  • I have 3 ages 17 14 5 all from same dad, who left 5 months after youngest and I am now pregnant wiv my new man...and my belly muscles seemed to give up working straight away, as though they know wats happening and decide to relax ready. I look 5 months gone and can not hold my belly in at all. I wasn't the slimmest size 14 but could pull off a few sexy outfits....onesies an leggings are now all I wear at home haha. I am 35 and well excited, but feel very conscious wen my fella pats my belly as it looks nice an round but touch it an it turns to jelly haha.
  • Thid is my 3rd as well. My children are 7 and 8. They will b 8 and 9 when my third is born. I dont remember having this much trouble with my first 2. I am sick and uncomfortable 24/7. I hope it goes away after first trimester is done!!!!!

  • This will be our third too : My oldest is 2 will be 3 in May and our second just had her first birthday this month. Definitely a surprise to be pregnant again, and so soon....we thought we were done with two! Feeling fantastic so far 11 weeks!. My first two pregnancies were about as perfect as you can get, so joyful to be able to experience it again. Excited for this little nugget to join our family.
  • Hi, this is my 3rd pregnancy. And I feel the same way, I started showing it seems about 78 weeks! With my first two I didn't really show until maybe 12 weeks or so. I am now 11 weeks 4 days and feel like I look way further along! My doctor said the same thing. Also only gained 3 lbs so far..
  • I have 4, and remember showing early with the past two. My youngest will turn 5 this summer, and this feels a lot like my first, but showing sooner as well. I wasn't this sick with my 3rd or 4th :/

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  • Only my 2nd! I have 2 step kids that are 26 and 20! My son is a Senior in High School! I understand! This feels like the first one.....Its been soooo long to start all over! Lol
  • This is my 3rd as well. I have a 10 year old and a soon to be 7 year old. Talk about starting all over again. I started showing at about 8 weeks. Now I can only see my toes when I look down. I actually havent gained any weight which has been kind of weird. Although with both my other pregnancies I actually lost 10 pounds each in the first trimester.
  • This is my third child. My other two are 8 & 10. So this is really starting over for me. We couldn't be more thrilled. I haven't really started showing, except after I eat I look like I am. Kinda weird, I don't remember that with my first 2. I have maybe gained 1 or 2 lbs. What is on my mind right now is telling my boss at work!
  • So glad to see other similar experiences. I'm 11 wks pregnant with my 3rd. My other two are 21 and 11 so I'm feeling crazy right now. I started showing 3 weeks ago though i had lost 3 pounds due to extreme morning sickness. This is going to be a really different pregnancy than my other two.
  • This is my third, and I look huge! Lol Hopefully I won't continue on this trend. 
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  • This is my 3rd my other 2 will be 8 and 6 when this little one arrives. I feel the same like its my first all over again. I'm also showing and have had a huge belly since 8 weeks
  • This is number 3 for my famiy as well. Oldest is 3 will be 4 at due date and the middle man turned 2 yesterday! We are calling this our mystery baby because we won't fnd out sex til its birthday. I feel awful throwing up, dizzy, light headed and I am also already showing and have gained 4 lbs according to scale. can't wait for first trimester to be over so I can chase my babies again.
  • I am mother to 3 but on 7th pregnancy. Yup...beached whale here. I showed more with my last pregnancy (that ended in a miscarriage) but wasn't in as good a shape with that one as I am now. BUT I am definitely showing. Pretty amazing how our body just KNOWS what to do-explode. LOL
  • Oh my you sound like me my oldest is 13yrs my second is 6yrs I guess I am stuck on this 5yrplus gap with my children but hopefully I have aboy and there won't be a fourth in 6 or 7 years. I am looking pregnant a lot sooner than I did in prior pregnancies. I feel way better this go round I haven't had any morning sickness thank God but I do feel nauseated and I can feel my baby move I know where it's at in my belly and it's weird I guess cause I know what to expect. I guess I can say that the third times a charm cause I am loving it. Thus far anyway Smile

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    I am so shock Twnytylor, I thought I was along. My daughter is 13 and my son is 6. It look like our kids will be the same age. I also look huge to be just 11 weeks, I agree I think the more kids we have our stomach already me streched from the past kids we carry.Smile
  • This is my 3rd pregnancy also my youngest is almost 4 my oldest just turned 5 I started showing early to but I have lost about 10lbs. My first 2 were both born early and the doc wants me to get a shot once a week starting at 16 weeks to reduce the chances of preterm labor but I don't know if I should get them does anyone have any suggestions for me?
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  • This is my third pregnancy and it has been SO different from my other two. I started showing at 2 months as opposed to 4 or 5 months with my first two! They say that's normal if you have already given birth a time or two. I have had so much nausea and fatigue! Sometimes I feel like I won't make it... With my other two I was so happy and I loved being pregnant! I have to remember it's been a while since I've gone through this. My other two children are 9 and soon to be 8 in a month. This just goes to show each and every pregnancy is different. Hopefully this one gets better asap!
  • It's my third as well. My kids are 2.5 and 11 months. So far this pregnancy is the same as the others (exhaustion and nausea hopefully only until 12 weeks!)  except this time it's so much harder cause there is so much more work with the two kids :)
    Definitely showing sooner though.

  • This is my 3rd child as well. My Last pregnancy was almost 3 years ago. I just became 11 weeks today and I look 4 months pregnant. I have a vert small build so I think that may also play a part in it
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    This is baby #4 for me. I have a 16yr old, 15yr old, and a 10yr old. all boys. So im really hoping for a girl. I have had massive morning sickness with 15lbs lost so far because food makes me sick as a dog. I never had a day of sickness with my boys. I am 11 weeks and I am showing so much. but like the Dr. says the more children you have the sooner you show. and to @3xmommy27 yes the more pregnancy's you have the sooner you will feel the baby, they say sometimes as early as 13 weeks.

    I-) :-& 8-}
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