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Do your LOs ever get you to the point

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Where you start questioning yourself as a mother. That maybe the reason they are screaming until they're out out of breath is because of you? Maybe it was something you ate that day or something you did differently than you normally would? And that you have upset her? And then you feel like a bad person, an unfit mother, an undeserving mother?

Yeah that was me tonight.

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Re: Do your LOs ever get you to the point

  • You aren't unfit- just human. Your daughter doesn't hate you it just feels like it right this second. The crying is always hard not to take personally. The mind-boggling mom guilt is great isn't it? Hang in there.
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    Every day! It's impossible not to worry. My baby is the most precious, irreplaceable, beautiful thing I'll ever hold I'm my hands. He's fragile physically and my actions could impact his emotional health for the rest of his life. Taking care of him is the most important job I'll ever have. So how can we not worry?? I'm so happy and grateful to have this little guy to worry about though!
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  • We ALL have days like this - give yourself a break, mama. You are doing the best you can and you are a good mother.

    Trust that these days will keep happening, but always remind yourself that you are a great mom!

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    Oh absolutely! I think I've got something figured out and then LO does something that makes me wonder if I've been getting it wrong all along. The funny thing is that before she was born, I felt pretty confident and DH was anxious. Once she was here, I was the one second-guessing everything while he reassured me that it was fine. 

    It really is hard not to take the fussiness personally sometimes but try not to. Baby is just struggling to make sense of what she's feeling and doesn't know how else to tell you. You're doing ok!
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  • Dh had gone outside and I was doing what I could to calm her. I started to cry as I held her. Dh walked in the room and noticed I was crying and I handed her to him and just told him to take her. And I started walking towards the bathroom and he followed me and I just collapsed in his arms and cried like he has never seen my cry before. I think all the stress of every single night being full of cries and never an easy one, finally won and I couldn't handle it.

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts and it's good to see I'm not alone

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  • Pretty much every day. Welcome to motherhood.


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  • My twelve year old still does to me.
  • Yipq, completely normal. It's notmal to cry and give yourself a break. There have been times where input DS in the crib shut his door went to the living room just so I could breathe. I felt so gulty doing it but it also gave me a fresh mind to go in there and try and calm him down.
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  • Hugs to you!!! I echo what everyone else has said. You're doing a great job and we all have days like this!
  • We strive so hard to be good people and mothers.

    We already are.

    Don't doubt yourself. Babies are hard regardless of who they are and their mothers are. And as hard as it is - some of us do it all over again. And some again and again (those crazies).

  • All the time. When DS cries and I don't know why. When despite missing him all day at work, I need a break when I'm home. For working and putting him in DC. When he fusses while BFing because he's not getting enough. I could go on and on. But I try to remember that we're all doing the best we can, DS is happy and healthy and well taken care of and he won't remember the one time he cried for an extra 30 seconds or that he got a bottle instead of BF. He knows he gets fed when he's hungry, changed when wet and snuggled when upset.
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  • I feel this way all the time! Colic, reflux and gas are jerks! But I remind myself I'm doing all I can! My DH works overnights and I cried a few times when he would leave because the screaming all night gets stressful and old every night! You are doing a great job and I hope baby gives you a great night!
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