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Temper, Tantrums and More

Are any other March 2013 parents dealing with tantrums.  My son literally screamed off and on for 3 hours last night and couldn't calm himself down, not matter what we did.  This is happening more and more lately. We are disciplining him when he starts throwing them but we are not getting through.  My son has had a rough go of it - reflux, sever colic and major ear issues - he just got his second set of tubes put in.  Any tips out there?  Also, feel free to commiserate - I would love to know I'm not the only one with a difficult baby.

Re: Temper, Tantrums and More

  • DS does tantrums here. Daily. Multiple times daily. Nothing makes him happy, nothing will calm him down and he doesn't seem to want anything. I've taken to putting him in his room for a minute or so and walking away. Not only do I get to clear my head, but when I go let him out, suddenly sitting in my lap and snuggling for a minute is all he needs.

    No tips, just sympathy.
    DD- 11/17/08, DD- 11/16/09, DS- 3/20/13 
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  • we have started to see some tantrums - our Parents As Teachers educator calls them "mini-tantrums" (which kind of freaks me out as to what the real thing will be...ha!)  but I just try to redirect if I catch it early enough (rare) or just ignore until she's done and then reconnect and move on to something else.  Sometimes she'll just throw herself on the floor and do the pitiful cry, but if I walk away and come back she's fine, sometimes she wants nothing to do with whatever I'm offering.  I was honestly surprised to see this starting so early, but I guess I'm not the only one!
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  • My pediatrician said a lot of times walking away or ignoring them is good. My DD doesn't really have tantrums so we've been lucky so far!
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  • DS is a DRAMA KING. The tantrums started a while ago when he realized his acting talent... He'll wail and turn on the tears... Omg. Like PPs, I try to redirect it quickly if I can, ignore it, or put him in his crib to chill out for a minute or two.
    The idea of "real" tantrums scares the crap out of me.

  • DS throws them, we found a shirt that says "I overract to the word no" and it suits him! I find he is more likely to do it to me than DH. Probably because I am softer haha. My favorite tantrum is the wet noodle one where he just falls to the ground. Honestly, I just try to stay firm and offer a suggestion to do or try something else.
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