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Local meets/groups?

Any of you go to or know of any local Mom and baby meets/groups in NH?

I moved to the US a couple of months ago but living in a rural town and not being religious makes it really hard to meet people, especially people with kids.  I'd love to be able to get out and have coffee or something with other Moms.
I have a 5 year old and a one month old and nearest major town is Concord but I wouldn't mind travelling further, max would probably be about an hour out.

Re: Local meets/groups?

  • Try ur local hospital. Many have moms groups.
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  • I've yet to find a group that's still going.
    Everything I've found so far has been dead or disbanded for months.
    I'm going to ask at the birth center at our check-up next week but not holding out much hope.
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  • I know Dovers wentworth douglass hospital does a brestfeeding support group and moms group. Rochester nh frisbee memorial hospital does a moms group. Rochester is about an hr from concord.
  • Another place to try is your local library.  Many do baby storytimes.  I started taking my oldest when he was only eight weeks old mainly just to get me out of the house.  
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  • Rochester's a bit far, I'm further up than Concord but it's the nearest big town. I'll have a look for the hospital group though, thank you.

    'Local' is a very difficult concept here, I've found. I didn't think of libraries though and have no idea where our nearest on is so that can go on the maybe pile as well while I find a library. 

    The midwife directed me to a group of natural parenting Moms in Concord so I'm going to be brave and try that too. 
  • I'm in the seacoast so a bit far, but have you explored Meetup.com? I often see mom groups on there - or you could start one and I bet you would have great success!
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  • darkangel42darkangel42 member
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    Meetup wasn't very helpful when I tried before, thanks though

    I ended up joining the local natural moms facebook group and some of us meet to go for a walk twice a week. Im not super into natural parenting but it's ok so far.

    I work from home so really have next to no chance of meeting people in normal day to day life. Still trying to find a library for storytime that doesn't clash with any appointments.
  • Nini Bambini is in Bedford and is wonderful. There are moms groups, music classes, and other things, too. Also check out mommeetmom.com
  • I have a 2 month old and have been looking for moms group. I live in Concord and did most of my pregnancy with the concorf birth center. Kate and Cindy are great. I had postrd question on their facebook page and they would like to get one going again. Most mom groups are dead. Library has readings Thursday mornings think at 10. I don't go because I work part time mornings and all day mondays. I would be interested in meeting up with moms. If you are maybe we can check with birth center as a meeting place ? :)
  • I asked Kate and she gave me the details for a natural parenting group on FB but that's all there is even close to Concord. A few of the women on there are nice but all are much deeper into natural parenting than me so it's a bit daunting.
  • I did a little more digging. concord hospital center for health promotion has sessions called baby steps which seems like closest thing to mom's group
    the next one is feb 25 at 10. i'm going to check it out
  • They only had 1 posted the other day but nows there's way more dates. Looks like it's weekly meetings
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