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Which Boy Name Do You Like Best?

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I swore I wasn't going to do this to you ladies, but desperate times . . .

My DH hates every name I like and vice versa. These are pretty much the only names we are both "ok" with. I still think they are a little on the boring side. So give me your opinions!!!

Older sibs are Ethan and Roman and we have a crazy hard last name.

Which Boy Name Do You Like Best? 125 votes

36% 45 votes
12% 15 votes
38% 48 votes
What the heck are you thinking?!?
8% 10 votes
I just wanna see what everyone else said
5% 7 votes
I have a better suggestion
0% 0 votes

Re: Which Boy Name Do You Like Best?

  • I voted Preston. Sounds classic but different at the same time. I know too many female Peytons out there, so couldn't vote for that. I don't mind Grayson.
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  • I voted Preston, but honestly none are really my style. Peyton is becoming increasingly feminine and Grayson is very 50 Shades.

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  • Too trendy for me.
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  • I like Preston! I think it flows with the other names.

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  • Thanks ladies!! Keep the opinions coming!! I hate that they are all fairly trendy names. Suggestions are more than welcome. My DH and I totally suck at the name game.
  • Grayson, though I may be biased because it's my youngest's second middle name.
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  • I'm not too fond of either of these names. I don't think I will have a name until I see my boys little face. My list is very long.
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  • Grayson and (especially) Peyton I see as trendy. I actually know several Prestons my age and don't know any kids with that name, so I see it more as just a good name.
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  • I like Grayson, but only bc I'm a Drop Dead Diva fan. Preston is a cute name too.
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