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Made curtains today! Pleased!

Fabric land was having a 70% off moving sale today so I went and bought some red fabric, ribbon, and a bunch of new thread. /drool! Too bad I forgot to buy a curtain rod. :-L

Spent the afternoon crafting these up for my marvel nursery! Just started my baby quilt! Can't decide on red or white for the back of the quilt (red ribbon trim, and the same marvel pattern as the curtain). Any ideas? :) 
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BOY  07/12/14

Re: Made curtains today! Pleased!

  • beckym1205 Thank you!! I bought the sewing machine a couple months ago from Walmart for $88 (Singer). Works awesome! I just store mine under my computer desk when I'm not using it! :D
    first time mom
    BOY  07/12/14
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  • You make me feel bad about my lack of creativity and skill, lol. I love it though. I wish I was able to do all of that.

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