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Window Coverings for Nursery

So I'm having a really hard time deciding on curtains for baby girl's nursery and I'm curious what everyone is doing.  Curtains? Blinds? Where'd you get them from?

I'd like to do curtains but its hard to find ones I really like and when I do, they are expensive (thank you, Pottery Barn!).  For DS's nursery, I did blue black out curtains but since this nursery is in a really shady part of our house, I don't think they're necessary.  Mostly, I'm just being nosy and want to hear your ideas :)

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Re: Window Coverings for Nursery

  • We went with Tiffany blue curtains that I found at bed bath and beyond and fell in love with

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  • I couldn't find any I liked either.  I'm having my MIL make roman blinds out of a fabric I purchased.  I know that's not always an option, but I think the idea of roman blinds is cool.  It's a mix between curtains and blinds.  Like this, but in another color  or
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  • I really love the pottery barn blackout curtains! I'm thinking if I don't get those, I'll get the cheaper blackout material made into curtians, and then some other curtains that are cheaper.  Those PBK ones are $49 per panel! 
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  • We have green black out curtains that we got at Costco. They work great and weren't overly expensive. I think it was 20ish for 2 panels.
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  • We have white blinds. We will paint the room light gray. I'm just doing plain white curtains over them. I like it simple and don't want too many crazy/different prints.
  • I really love the pottery barn blackout curtains! I'm thinking if I don't get those, I'll get the cheaper blackout material made into curtians, and then some other curtains that are cheaper.  Those PBK ones are $49 per panel! 
    Yeah, the ones I was looking at were $79 a panel!  And the window is a double window, so it might take 4 panels depending...that'd be over $300 to cover a window.  Um no, lol.
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  • we've got the basic white mini-blinds with the cord rolled up in the cord protector and these wonderful black-out curtians we got from overstock.  They are so thick and besides cutting the light, black out curtians also keep the heat out during the summer and cold during the winter :)  Mine are baby blue in baby's rm and black in DD's room cause there's no need to change them out for color purposes

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  • We have really nice horizontal wood blinds in every window in our home. We had pretty soft pink ruffle curtains that cover them in DD's room though. We love them, but unfortunately, we had to take them down a few months ago with this 5am sunrise! It was ruining her sleep schedule! So, we bought awful pepto bismol blackout curtains for the time being. I hate them, but my sleep is essential! We'll put the pretty ones back up in a few months. :)

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  • For DS I never did blackout and he was just fine.  I have the white cordless cellular shades.  I'm currently transitioning his room from babyish to big boyish, along with getting the nursery ready for DD.  I have ideas of what I want for curtains but they are expensive when I find them!  So I pinterested for days and finally bought some sheets from Target (navy/white horizontal stripe for DS and white/lavender chevron for DD) and some no sew hem tape from Michael's to make myself some easy no-sew curtains.  I haven't done them yet so no clue as to how it'll go but it's a cheap mistake if it doesn't work out.
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  • I think I am going to get these curtains from Target, they are blackout and come in a few different colors that I am still deciding on.  The nursery gets a lot of morning light, and here in the northwest that starts at 4:30am in the summer!  Not especially baby-ish, but hopefully they will carry over into his 'big boy' room eventually!

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  • In our old house, we had simple white curtains from Target.  They didn't block a lot of light but DD never had an issue.  We built a new house last year and put Hunter Douglas honeycomb blinds on all the windows.  The bedroom ones are black out and cordless.
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  • We have white faux wood blinds and I'm thinking of getting black out curtains, but they are so plain and boring. I might just do a valance and see how bad the light is at bedtime. 


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  • @Jdogs12, I did something similar in DS's room: bought cute fabric and made no sew curtains.  It was really easy and they turned out well!  I wouldn't mind doing it again, but I can't find fabric that I like.  And truth be told, it was just about expensive to make his curtains as it would've been to buy some but I fell in love with the fabric.  Your idea sounds really cute!
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  • We got cordless, cellular black out blinds and will install these curtains over them.
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  • We have shades and blackout curtains on all the windows in both kids' rooms. During the winter I cover my older son's windows with fleece fabric (double stick tape on the window frames) in order to cut out on the heat loss. His room is at the front of the house and has three big windows that seriously suck. He is an extremely light sleeper and it has been a huge issue for us his whole life. He napped in a bassinet in the bathroom in the dark with the fan on for the first six months of his life. LOL!
  • My sister offered to make mine! So I am having her do a pattern on the nursery side and a solid color on the street side. I haven't picked out a pattern yet.
  • We are doing white and navy curtains to go with the main colors of the nursery (tan and navy). I have looked on my local Craigslist and searched Pottery Barn and you can find some great deals! 
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