Can someone point me in right direction. — The Bump
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Can someone point me in right direction.

So I have been bugging my sister with FTM questions so I'm going to give her a break and ask you ladies for advice or where to get it. I am starting to put a list together of things I need to buy and my biggest concerns are 1.I know that while at home and in first few months I will mainly just need onsies and sleepers; so how many would you say as an estimate is good to start off with. I won't have to many full outfits but was thinking 4-5 of both 0-3, 3-6 since no one can really give you a for sure how big baby will be. I looked on Lucylist but I couldn't find where she gives numbers. So if you could help or point me to where to find some info that would be great. TY in advance. Google is overwhelming some days.

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