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So annoyed

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Okay so the last time I visited my doctors office I was 14 weeks pregnant and we did not get an u/s just a heartbeat Doppler and urine test. We had then scheduled our next visit to come back in four weeks so, I asked then if I would be able to have our 20 week u/s and my doctor said yes because that's part of the visit. Today was our 20 week visit and when I went in I was told I was not scheduled for an u/s and couldn't get one that day because it wasn't processed through my insurance. I'm a little stressed because we were so looking forward to seeing our little one move around and find out the sex. Now I have to wait two more weeks which isn't a big deal only I just have to wait longer. Ah!! The feeling of not knowing and not being able to have that piece of mind.

Oh and my last u/s was when I was 8 weeks pregnant! It's been a while!

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  • Surprised the scheduling desk did not schedule them back to back.  I try to always insist on it. 

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  • @CandEChicago‌ I tried to insist but they were pretty a adamant on waiting incase my insurance wouldn't cover it.

    @NikkiMN143‌ I actually talked to my husband about doing that and we decided not to spend any extra and just wait. It's so frustrating through because when they called to confirm yesterday I asked them if I was getting an u/s and regular visit and was told yes. I love my office and my doctors I just wish the front desk was a little more organized.
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  • Uggh that sucks. I hope you are able to get your a/s soon.


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  • I had to delay mine to 23 weeks and it sucked to wait but you will eventually find out! Better to spend the money on baby stuff then an ultrasound that would otherwise be covered.
  • @kaylam714‌ I'm still getting an Anatomy scan. I just have to wait a few more weeks. I'll be 22 weeks by then which is a little late but that was all they had available. I try to be patient but at this point I'm losing it.
  • @kaylam714‌ I think they meant getting more then one u/s in the same month.
  • I feel ya girl! We just switched insurances and I'll probably be closer to 24 weeks by the time I make it in for the a/s scan. Last u/s I had was my NT scan at 12 weeks! Hang in there lady !
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