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Diluting Lupron?

Does anyone know anything about, or has anyone ever had to dilute Lurpron? My next cycle is a "micro flare" which I just learned is a diluted Lupron rather than what I am used to. That's great, but I have a lot of Lupron left over from previous cycles, only to find out I have to buy new? I asked the nurse if I can dilute myself with saline and she said no, but that seems surprising to me?

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    Can you do the mathematical conversion and then administer a lower dose of regular lupron?  I'm sorry your nurse was not helpful.  
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  • So regular lupron has a shelf life of 30 days once opened.  Microdose lupron is something like 10 days.  I imagine the lupron you have has already been used?  They'll make the microdose already diluted and will need to send you more after the 10 days.  Make sure they do this, they never do this correctly at my pharmacy so I always end up having to drive to pick it up.  
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