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Just for fun

I stole this from Instagram but

If you had to marry your partner where you met where would have your wedding been?

Mine would have been at Target. We worked together, my DH still works there 10 years after we met.

Re: Just for fun

  • At a friends house in a very small town DH grew up in. Wouldn't be too shabby place for a wedding. It's in the country and had a beautiful yard.
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  • In the mountains where we went hiking.

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  • In a tiny pizza restaurant in Birmingham, AL. I don't think I could even find the place again.
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  • At the Bite of Oregon.
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  • At Applebee's, we worked together.
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  • In a friends back yard at a bonfire.
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  • Recital hall at our college.

    We actually got married in the chapel about 100 yards away!
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  • In a high school math class... pretty sure it was a portable too. Lol.
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  • In the bed and bath section in a crappy department store in Grand Rapids.

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  • At Bible Camp.  We did get married in the church across the field from the camp.
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  • In a church. Not too weird :)
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  • We met at church and got married in that church! :)
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  • HSBC bank we both used to work there
  • At a downtown Mexican restaurant/cantina. We'd have awesome fresh fruit margaritas and fish tacos!
  • I am not really sure where/when I met DH. I assume it was probably middle school or high school. He insists we sat at the same lunch table in 9th grade, but I don't remember that. My first recollection of him was at Giant (a grocery store). He was asking for my number for his friend that liked me. We didn't start dating until about 2.5 years later. Believe it or not, the friend that originally wanted my number hooked us up and was his best man at our wedding!
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  • At a local bar that has made Playboys list of top party bars.  It is ironic, since I don't drink.  We met swing dancing there.
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  • At our church. Would have been perfect.

    Or, I guess, on his dead mom's driveway before heading to church if you wanna get specific. Ahhh, driveway weddings. The carport would have made a beautiful awning.
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  • Technically online but first time meeting in person was a beach bar called "Archie's".
  • Either on our high school soccer field or in his parents backyard (I was friends with his sister first). We did take wedding pictures at his parents! They have a beautifully landscaped yard.
  • In our local neighorhood park, at the baseball diamonds to be exact :)


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  • My freshman year dorm room. Typing/saying that out loud it sounds weird to me :-p
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  • At my college friend's apartment.
  • At a keg at a college party...that would still be a fun wedding.
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  • In a cute little wine bar in our hometown too bad it closed down a year ago. :(
  • Another online couple here-- Yahoo Personals-- but we met in person two days later at a movie theater, so I guess that's where the wedding would be. Conveniently, there are aisles and plenty of seating... :)
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  • The campus pub at our university. At least the food would be good, those nachos were the best.

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  • At a movie theater, where we worked together in college.


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  • Second grade. Weird lol
  • meg.eliz1 said:

    Our 3rd grade classroom? Or college campus? We were in class together in 3rd grade but started dating/reconnected in college after running into each other on campus one day.

    Us too! We were in elementary school through high school and then ran into eachother after college at a crappy bar in our home town.
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  • aml+japan said:
    At an Irish pub in Japan.
    Irish pub in Minneapolis here :)
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  • Friend's living room

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