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Zachary or Gavin

Hi Ladies,

Team green here with just 3 weeks left, working on narrowing down boy names, DH and I have agreed on 2, which do you prefer? We have 2 other sons Ryan & Jonathan.

Zachary John
Gavin John

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Re: Zachary or Gavin

  • Zachary is on our short list. I love it! Congrats!

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  • DS is Zachary so that gets my vote.

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  • I think I like Zachary a tiny bit more.
  • Zachary
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  • I much prefer Gavin.  
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  • Zachary John for sure!
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  • I'll be in the minority and choose Gavin, as it was our boy name pick. :)

  • I think they are both fine.

    I'd choose Zachary because I love nns and because it has a different ending than the others.
  • I love Gavin, but the matching ending sounds bother me a little so I'd say Zachary
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  • I prefer Zachary but I like both.  
  • Zachary!
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  • I like them both, but I think Zachary goes better with your sibset

  • I prefer Zachary.

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  • I like both. My vote is Gavin.
  • Both are good, but i choose Zachary.
  • I prefer Gavin in general, but Zachary fits your sibset much better and works with the MN.  Not a fan of John as MN for Gavin.  Maybe Gavin James if you go with Gavin.

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  • Definitely Zachary!


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  • Love Zachary, and HATE Gavin.
  • Have you considered Zavin? How about Gachary?

    Just kidding. I like Zachary, especially with your sibset. 
  • Another vote for. Zachary.
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  • Love Gavin. Not thrilled about it together with John. Really dislike Zachary.

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  • Like both but voting Zachary in this case. 
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  • Really like Gavin!

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  • Gavin gets my vote :).  Love it!
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  • Like Gavin more, but Zachary fits with the other boys much better.

    Are you ok with the MN being so similar to your other son's name?
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