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Searching for a dress to hide the bump

I'm a FTM and I'm 12 weeks. My bump is starting to show (whether it's baby or bloat or fat, I don't know, but it's noticeable). I'm attending a wedding over Labor Day wknd and will be almost 16 wks. I need help finding a cocktail dress that will hide the bump. I won't want to tell extended family who will be at this wedding until afterward, which is why I want to hide it. What's good style for this? Has anyone found a great cocktail dress recently?

Re: Searching for a dress to hide the bump

  • I think it will be difficult to hide by that time if you're already noticing a bump. That being said, I went to a wedding a week or so ago, and I found my best option was a maternity dress. It just looked like your average empire-waisted dress, so I think I got away without anyone knowing, but it had extra fabric in the belly obviously, which made it easier to hide a small bump.
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  • Empire waist or a tunic style dress, either one in a darker color like plum or navy.
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  • We went on a cruise first week in June with some friends I did not want to tell (I was only 5 weeks at the time but extremely bloated).  I wore a couple dresses from Boden.  One of my favorites is their Selina dress.

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  • I suggest going for a patterned dress. It distracts the eye a bit. I had an empire waist maternity dress in a black and white floral pattern that I wore to a wedding during my 2nd tri last time. My bump was quite prominent in, say, a bathing suit, but the dress hid it pretty well. I wasn't even trying to hide it - just coincidence. There were people at the wedding that were shocked to learn mid-evening that I was 4 months pregnant or so. 

    Everyone's body is different, so I highly suggest trying things on to see what works well for camouflage for you. GL!
  • That swing style dress is pretty and I think something like that would work great.

    Also, Ive found that the best way to hide a bump is, try your best and then if anyone asks you just look at them and say, "nope. not pregnant" :)
  • I just found a dress at Macy's with an empire waist that has bright colors and the skirt isn't tight! Also has hidden pockets in the skirt! I just wore it to a wedding this past weekend and no one could see my blump! Im planning on wearing it to a wedding this weekend also! Unfortunately it wont fit for the wedding I'm going to in September! But check Macy's out they had lots of empire waisted dresses.
  • Thank you all!!!
  • Thanks for asking this question, I had the same one! This helps a lot! :-)
  • Just bought a great dress at J Crew-- lattice patterned, colorful and shift style. Hid my bump fairly well-- I am also a FTM and 12weeks. It has a little bit of an open back so the extra room was wonderful. Good luck finding that perfect dress! I know events can be stressful. :)
  • You can find fancier looking maxi dresses! I found a red one a Marshalls. I have my wedding anniversary this weekend and we are going to an really
    Nice restaurant and it is the perfect thing to wear. I'm in the same boat as you... I am 13 weeks and I think I look way more pregnant than I am. Maybe not so much pregnant but look like I have a beer belly...
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