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rolling...waking up...repeat all night long!! UPDATE from last night

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So, DD has started rolling back to tummy. Mostly only in her crib (which she just transitioned to last week). We stopped swaddling after she rolled one night when only one arm was swaddled and got stuck. She's now in just a sleep sack, which sucks because she still loves to be swaddled and is so squirmy. But for the past 3 nights the pattern is she rolls over, doesn't seem to know what to do or how to get herself back on to her back (and she doesn't seem to know how to sleep on her tummy) so she screams, I run in to flip her over, she falls back asleep....and the pattern continues seriously all night long. I don't think I've felt this tired since the very early weeks!! Anyone else? Or advice? 

ETA:  I literally don't know to do at this point. She was up ALL night. She turns on her side, and then rolls to her belly. But I don't think she's ready to sleep on her stomach because she really doesn't know what to do. I was even ready to let her sleep on her stomach if she wanted to. But she acts like it's tummy time and won't put her head down. I tried to gently put it down and over to one side and she screamed. So I roll her back on to her back. I tried holding her down like someone suggested but she is so squirmy and her legs are just flailing and pumping all night long. She then rolls to her side again and the cycle repeats itself. I don't think she's slept more than a few hours a night for the past few nights. I'm contemplating letting her sleep in her swing tonight and I'll sleep on the couch with her tonight just so we can both get some sleep before work and daycare tomorrow. 

Does it sound like she's not ready to sleep on her stomach?

Re: rolling...waking up...repeat all night long!! UPDATE from last night

  • We have been going through a similar issue.  Had to stop swaddling because DD fought it all night long in her sleep and woke herself up.  Once we stopped swaddling she started rolling over.  SHe did great the first night, and then started waking up a few times a night.  And of course all of this started about the time I went back to work.  That lasted a week or so.

    Then she started taking a pacifier so I could go in and pop in the pacifier and she would sleep a few hours.  Now she has nights where she wakes up twice and some nights when she sleeps almost until 5 am.  I would say it has been a 2-3 week transition and it is much better now.  SO I would say just stick with it and give her time to adjust.  It is a big change for them!

    As a side note, for daytime naps, she still has to be swaddled and in her swing.  If I don't swaddle her in the swing, she will smack herself in the face and wake herself up. If I try to put her in her crib she will wake up crying as soon as she rolls over.  But at night she can sleep 6 hours on her tummy.  Babies are confusing...


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  • Exactly the same here for naps. As I write this she is swaddled in her swing...:)

    So this might be a dumb question, but how do they learn to sleep on their tummy? It's like she doesn't know to roll her head to one side and so she just face plants and that's when she cries (and what scares the CRAP out of me).

    I just went back to work part time on Friday and this is scaring me about day care too- what if she does it there and they don't notice??
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  • Mine sucks her fingers, so for a few naps, she'd immediately roll over and I'd turn her head and help her find her fingers. After doing it a few times, she was able to do it herself and get comfortable enough to sleep.
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  • In DC they should be watching her during naps so I would not worry quite so much about that.  At night, can you try turning her head, putting in a paci and rubbing her back?  If I get to mine soon enough, before she is fully awake, I can get her to settle this way and don't have tp pick her up.


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    Mine has been doing this for a good 1-2 weeks now. It's exhausting. He's also napping in the swing at daycare, so I'm really no help but I can commiserate. He can find his hand and suck on it but usually he ends up rubbing the crap out of his face which keeps him up. 

    We've found that pinning his hands down after we put him in the crib and until he's settled usually helps things.

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  • LOL @Jessimax - believe me, i have thought about it! 


  • DS did this rolling routine all the time and he didn't know how to deal. We took him out of the swaddle and is just in a sleep sack now and sleeps on his tummy! We just rock him to sleep/drowsy then put him tummy down and pat his back until he's asleep. He sleeps soooo much better this way!
  • When DD (who is now 2) started doing this, it took about a week before she learned how to sleep on her tummy. When she'd cry, we'd try to just go in and soothe her w/o flipping her over. Once she relaxed, she actually slept way better on her stomach (and we started putting her in her crib on her tummy) -- it just took a while to transition (it was a super exhausting week for us!).
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  • Cpelland0  does - I help him fall into a deep sleep so he isn't so tempted to flop around. When I lay him down he's usually most of the way asleep but if I just leave him he will roll onto his side, slap himself in the face, stick his legs between the crib bars, and just generally keep himself up.

    I set him down, put in a pacifier, and place my hand across his thighs. then I very gently rock him back and forth until he falls asleep. if he's waving his hands around, I'll place my other hand across his chest with his arms down at his sides and keep gently rocking him back and forth. that keeps him from flopping around as he's falling asleep. it's a stupidly easy trick that I wish I had known weeks ago! To let him go, I'll start rocking more and more gently until I can take my hands off and he is sound asleep.

    I know he still gets up on his side at night but it seems like he does it less and won't wake up as often since he's in a deeper sleep. good luck!!!

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  • we're going through this too. She flips in light sleep cycles and wakes herself up because she doesn't want to be on her belly (at least not yet). She's not sleeping through the night anymore and it sucks. I flip her over one time, but if she wake/flips again I put her in the RNP for the rest of the night in her room. She still naps in her RNP during the day so I haven't had issues with that.

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  • I would try turning her head rather than her whole body when she wakes up. Hopefully she'll pick up on it and start to turn it her self. You could practice it while she's awake doing tummy time.
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