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Making baby food

What are the best devices that you have found to make homemade baby foods? Blender vs. food processor. I dont really want to spend a fortune on a new devices. Thanks!!

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  • Food processor! I have pretty much every processor, blender, magic bullet, immersion blender, chopper. I've used the magic bullet wich does the trick for quick/easy but consistency isn't the greatest.
  • I use my immersion blender

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  • I use my food processor and didn't see the point in buying and storing another kitchen gadget.  I also purchased reusable containers for the baby food at the grocery store that are freezer safe.  
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  • We use a magic bullet and it works perfectly for us.

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  • I don't own very many kitchen appliances (not a chef in the slightest), but I DO have a blender and it works for us. I wouldn't go buy anything else before I tried the blender. :) 

  • We use the Brezza which I'm guessing you're trying to avoid. I don't have much experience with other gadgets...

    To the other posters--what are the differences between the Brezza and other gadgets?


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  • I have a baby bullet, works great!
  • I have a baby bullet. Works great and perfect portions
  • Food processor has worked good for us! I have a regular bullet I used at first but the portions were just smaller. 
  • Kitchenaid blender and ice cube trays. Works great and you can pop the jar and lid in the dishwasher to get really clean.
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  • We had a bullet that we've always used for smoothies for us and luckily it has worked so far with baby food
  • Plain jane blender here
  • Since someone asked I have a Brezza and I am obsessed. It is different from a non-baby food making gadget. It makes the job so easy because it steams and purees the food.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


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  • Purple10o said:
    Plain jane blender here
    Me too!! works great!
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  • A friend of mine let me borrow her Beaba BabyCook, so I use that.  Unless I'm doing marathon baby food making, then I use that to steam and the small food processor to puree things.  Multi-tasking.  I also use the snack size ziploc bags that I put a serving in and freeze.  The night before I take out what she has to eat for the day and by the time we wake up it's all defrosted and ready to be heated.
  • We have the baby cook and then use the infantino pouches! Love love love them!
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  • Baby bullet, I love it!!! also comes with a recipe book. Storage trays and cups are perfect, and super cute!!! One of the best gift we have gotten!!!
  • baby bullet here too and it makes a great puree. I like that it came with both types of blades and all the storage/portion things needed plus a great recipe/journal book to help keep track of what you've fed and the response.
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  • Baby brezza. Which is a bit pricier but I love it. You can steam and blend and have baby food cooked and ready in 10/15 minutes. I also use it to sneak veggies into my 4 year olds food (spinach blended into sauce for example) and it doesn't make a zillion more dirty pots and dishes.
  • food processor and then I freeze in ice cube trays.

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  •  I also use a regular blender. 
  • Cuisinart baby food processor. Helps steam food and puree food with the same steamed water. So, you don't lose nutrients. Quick and easy to use as well as clean.
    My review is based on our use for the last 1-1.5 months. So far the experience is really good. Not sure how it fares in the long run.
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    I use a Kitchenaid food 3.5 cup chopper. It's a powerful machine, small and compact for storage, inexpensive and great brand, SO easy to clean with few parts, and also has two simple settings one for chopping and the other for purees. Does the job for my cooking needs and baby foods. No need for a bulky food processor that takes up too much room with too many cup servings (unless you are serving a family of 3 hungry infants). Best bridal gift ever! Here is a link -
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