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Baby gates w/pet doors?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if any of you had any good recommendations of hardware mounted baby gates with pets doors (or other solutions to let the cat pass through). Everything I've found online seems to be pressure mounted and these are for the stairs so I want to be extra safe.


Re: Baby gates w/pet doors?


    We have 2 of these in white and I love them. We ve had them for almost 4 years now and they still work great. We had yo buy extra extenders for one of the gates that's in a wider doorway.. and that gate is starting to get flimsy, but it still functions properly. Easy to open/close/lock, and you can also keep them open for when you don't need them shut.
  • We just got regular gates but mounted them a couple of inches off the floor so the cat can squeeze under. Works great so far, have had them for several weeks

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  • I had some success screwing the pressure mounts directly to the timber.  If possible, find a pressure mounted gate where the mounts have a wide surface area, I found mine at the local walmart over a year ago.

    Carefully drill holes through the mounts. you want the holes to be wider than the mounts.

    Then using screws and washes secured it to the wall. 

    Lately I have seen baby gates with small rubber mounts, there will not work.
  • We have these, which are pressure mounted, but DH says he thinks they came with optional mounting hardware.
    We have this one too.  Here's DS1 squeezing through, at 15 months.  DH rigged it with some wire so it doesn't open all the way now. 

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