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Hi FTM here and i was wondering how much recovery time did you have before friends and family came  in to see you.

 I am planning on a natural birth with just hubby in the room. I am a very private person and I'm hoping for some personal time and to bf before family comes in. Its the first grandbaby on both sides and MIL is very overbearing so im a little nervous and dont know what to expect.

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  • I had a big ol' party with everyone in the room with my first. It was nice cause I didn't know any different. With my 2nd  it was just my hub and I at the hospital and we called to let everyone know DS was here but asked for no visitors til the next day due to some complications. I loved the privet time I had with just the 3 of us. Next time I think I may ask for everyone to wait til we are home, I really want some intimate bonding time. Maybe I am a baby hog tho.
    I'd maybe suggest to your fam to stay updated via txt msg and you will let them know when its appropriate to come to the hospital.
  • Much to my Mother's dismay, we had at least an hr of just DH, DD, and I before we allowed anyone in the room. They were all chomping at the bit out in the waiting room, but I needed time to get cleaned up, we did skin to skin and fed DD, and I really could have stood to have a little more time to ourselves to be honest.


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  • My LO was born at 9 pm, so it was pretty late after all the recovery stuff and changing rooms and all that. We had the whole night with just the three of us and started having visitors the next day.
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    I just had DH in the labor room and then we had visitors the next day (DD was born late at night). My dad showed up to the hospital while I was in labor and I had DH tell him to go home, and bless his heart, my dad did exactly that and never gave me any shit about it. 

    If your family is pushy, it might be a good idea to just not tell them when you go into labor. Wait until after the baby is born to let them know (I believe that it is good form to first call/text immediate family/best friends, then text close family/good friends, and only after that post it to FB/whatever, but you do you do). That's what I did with my mom and it was the best. I'm actually nervous this time around because we will need to arrange child care for our toddler when we go to the hospital which means that the whole world will know (my family posts EVERYTHING to FB and has no boundaries). I'm not looking forward to it. 
  • You can tell the hospital and nurses when you are ready for visits. For my last birth, I had a c section and so It was about 4 hours before I could have visits. I personally think at least 2 hours after a vaginal is reasonable.

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