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2 yr old with a fever

Hey ladies. Let me back up a few days to Sunday night. Sunday night my two year old had a little diarrhea and it lasted till tuesday morning. It wasn't awful it didn't happen all day long only a few times during the day. I figured it was from the chicken fingers and fries we shared saturday night it tends to upset his stomach sometimes. Thursday morning he woke up with a fever of 100.1 gave him some medicine and it broke till the afternoon when it went back up to 100.3. Gave him some more medicine within 45 minutes it was down to 99.3 and he was running around like crazy for the rest of the night. He also had two regular poops that day. He woke up this morning with the fever down to 99 I did give him some more medicine and it went down to its normal 98. He had some toast this morning and has ben drinking a lot of juice to keep to fluids in him. And sometimes even with drinking the juice it makes his stool loose. He is acting fine he is playing outside with his trucks being his loud self.. I am just debating whether or not to take him to the doctor. I feel like I should wait one more day and see what happens. What do you guys think? 

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    First off, I think you are over-medicating him. A fever is how the body fights off infection. If you suppress the fever too much, you weaken his body's ability to get better and you may prolong the illness. Most experts recommend only using fever reducing meds if the fever reaches 102 or above, though at bedtime I will give her a dose if it's above 101 since she has trouble sleeping.

    The second thing I would suggest is pushing water more than juice, especially if juice causes your LO to have loose stools it will end up dehydrating him more than it will help.

    It sounds like your LO is probably okay if he is acting normally, but if you're worried because the weekend is coming up, call your pedi for reassurance before they close today.

    ETA: Some good guidelines for dealing with fever in kids --

    And guidelines for diarrhea:

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  • 99 is not a fever.  If he isn't acting sick then he doesn't need medicine.  I mean sometimes my kids have a temp of 100.4 and are acting sick they get Tylenol.  Sometimes it's 101.4 and they're acting fine so they don't get Tylenol.

    Stop giving him juice.  Juice will give him loose stool.  Juice is recommended for kids who are constipated.  Offer him water.  If he seems uncomfortable you can give him a probiotic (or just yogurt).

    Loose stool is common for LOs. 
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  • 100% what the others said.  You're definitely over medicating because he hasn't even had a technical fever. He's got a little bug and suppressing the "fever" is likely just prolonging it.
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