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WTF #3 (Loss Mentioned)

Hi Ladies,

I'm back. I had my WTF for IVF #3 (which resulted in an early pregnancy loss) yesterday. My RE did take my concerns about DH's sperm quality seriously (he had a partially successful vasectomy reversal and we seem to have fertilization problems and problems with the embryos growing past day three) and wants DH to see the urologist they work with and to start taking supplements (ConceptionXR). He thought it might be possible that if we could increase his count (which is averaging 4 mil to at least 8 mil) that we could try IUIs. I'm not as interested in that, but I am really interested in improving the quality/quantity we have to work with for IVF.

I also asked about adding HGH to the mix and he is going to look into it and discuss adding it to my protocol with some of the other REs in the practice.  He said that when they were part of a study a few years back using it, that the test group was so small it wasn't possible to really make a determination about the effect. He also cautioned that it was really expensive (but nothing about this is cheap, since we are 100% OOP). We also discussed waiting until day 5 instead of day 3 for transfer (risking having nothing to transfer) but he didn't think that would be a good idea since he did think that the embryos would have a better chance if we transferred them early, even if they aren't "perfect." The current plan will be to still use the implantation meds (Lovenox, baby Aspirin, Prednisolone) and the antagonist protocol. I'm going to wait to hear back about if we are going to add HGH or make other tweaks to what we did last time (estrogen priming protocol). We briefly discussed the Micro-dose Lupron Protocol (which was a disaster for me and he didn't think it was worth trying again) and the (full?) Lupron, but he thought it could be risky. I forgot to ask if I should expect to do another endometrial biopsy.

I'm waiting on AF (my D&C was on 7/16) and since we are going to have my DH re-evaluted by a new urologist and start supplements, I don't expect that we will be moving forward with IVF #4 until at least November. The embryo center closes for two weeks in December, so if we don't make November, I expect we'll be in Jan. So I'm working on weight loss and getting to the gym in the meantime. I'm also continuing to take the COQ10, DHEA, and Folgard and will start back with the acupuncture.  

I did find my RE's thoughts on batching and mandatory 5-day transfers interesting. He said that by the way that success rates are currently calculated, the centers that do those don't have to count the IVFs that don't lead to transfers in their numbers so that he says they have artificially high success rates. However, he said that they are changing the way the SART data is reported and all centers will need to report on all IVF cycles, including those that don't lead to transfers so he thinks those centers are going to see big drops in their success rates, as much as from 70% (currently) down to 30%.

***************************Loss Mentioned***************************

Me 37 y/o, DH 45 y/o; DH vasectomy reversal (his 2nd marriage) 11/8/12; TTC since 12/8/12. IVF due to MFI. DOR diagnosis April 2015.


IVF #1 BCPs/Antagonist w/ICSI Jan 2014 = BFN

IVF #2 MDL w/PICSI March 2014 = BFN

IVF #3 EPP/Antagonist w/PICSI May/June 2014 = BFP!; MMC 6w4d

IVF #4 No suppression/Antagonist Nov 2014/Converted to IUI #1 = BFN

IVF #4.1 Feb 2015 = cancelled

IVF #4.2 April 2015 - Lupron Stop Protocol with ICSI = PGD testing of embryo indicated it was abnormal

IVF #5 June 2015 EPP with Antagonist 


Everyone welcome!

Re: WTF #3 (Loss Mentioned)

  • I am so sorry to see you back here. 
    Me: 34 | He: 40
    TTC since 08/2012
    DX: DOR

  • So sorry for your loss :(  ((HUGS))


     All Welcome :)


    ***Losses mentioned***

    ***TTC since June 2011
    ***DH to see urologist Feb. 2013
    ***BFP #1: Feb. 2nd, 2013; M/C #1: Feb. 12th, 2013 @ 5w3d :'(
    ***1st RE appt. April 10th, 2013
    ***IUIs #1-4 all failed
    ***IVF Consult October 7th, 2013
    ***IVF #1- January 2014: ER 1/20, ET of 2 embryos 1/23, Beta 2/5 *none to freeze*

    ***Feb 14th, 2014- M/C #2 @ 5w5d :'(

    ***RPL Bloodwork---- diagnosed with Factor V Leiden and MTHFR

    ***appt. w/ Genetic Counselor- April 18th

    ***hysteroscopy/laparoscopy scheduled for May 22nd- looks good

    ***IVF #2- July 2014

    ***7/26 Retrieval- 3 eggs :( , 2 fertilized :), none to freeze

    ***7/28 ET- 2dt of 2 embryos, stick little embies!!!

    ***8/11 beta- BFN :(

    ***WTF- DE IVF best option now

    ***DE IVF- January 2015




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  • So sorry for your loss. Good luck for your plan moving forward.

    Official diagnosis: Unexplained IF. I am 32. I have low ovarian reserve (low AMH), and poor egg quality. I've also been diagnosed with mild glandular developmental arrest (lining problems, detected with EFT).

    We are using open ID donor sperm. IUIs #1-7=BFN. IVF September 2014 antagonist protocol, 8R,5M,3F, 5 day transfer of 1 morula = BFN. IVF#2 planned for January 2015 (antagonist protocol + HGH).

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  • You know I'm sending hugs!! >:D<

    Long of the Short:
     TTC since April 2013  DH 42 y/o I'm 30  Dh had vasectomy reversal Feb 2013 after 3 months developed scar tissue 
     First Re appt was September 2013 OOP for everything minus meds  
    DH's TESE surgery December 2013
    First cycle was February 2014 BFN none to freeze
     Second cycle was April 2014 BFP ending in Chemical Pregnancy none to freeze
     Third cycle June 2014 BFN none to freez
     Fourth cycle October 30th 28 retrieved, 13 mature and 12 fertilized
    PICSI, assisted hatching and fresh sperm from my DH's TESE surgery used
    5 FROZEN from a freeze all cycle! 
    FET completed on DECEMBER 9TH!!!
    Beta #1 13dp5dt BFP!! 800
    Beta #2 15dp5dt 2100
    Beta #3 17dp5dt 3600 
    First Scan January 5th! Everything looks great! Heart rate of 121!
    Second Scan January 20th. Baby Justone13 looks amazing. Heart rate of 175!
    Baby Girl is due August 27th
    Liv Annmarie born 8/25 7lbs 6oz 21 1/2 inches long 

  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  I'm glad that your RE was willing to listen to your ideas.

    Me: 30  DW (aka C): 29

    Together since 2/15/11 ~ Legally married in NY on 9/29/12

    ***CP mentioned***

    We've been working on baby #1 since July 2013 using Open ID donor sperm.  8 IUI attempts with 5 actual IUIs and one chemical pregnancy.  We have one fresh IVF cycle under our belts as well as a FET.  I have endometriosis and a uterine septum that was corrected via surgery in November 2013. 

    11/14/14 -  Second HSG shows that tubes are still clear and ute is looking good. 

    12/6/14 - Started BCPs in prep for IVF #2

    12/22/14 - Saline u/s and endometrial scratch (All was clear and OUCH!)

    1/2/15 - Began stimming for IVF #2

     ****All Welcome!****

    We are Mommas to four fur babies - 3 dogs and 1 cat.


  • pblgepblge member
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    ((Hugs)) Hope that the sperm issues can be resolved and give you better results. Hope this time off will be good for you. Sending you positive thoughts. Thanks for sharing the SART stuff...interesting.
    **********************siggy/ticker warning**********************

    ***Losses mentioned.*** TTC #1 since May 2012. Me: 37, OH: 41. Ectopic August 2012 => tubal damage. :'(  Stage 1 endo removed June 2013. IVF #1 Oct/Nov 2013: Long Lupron with Gonal-F. 7R, 7M, 7F. 2 [email protected] Nothing frozen.  => M/C @ 8 wks. :'( Selected RPL panel all normal. Very hyper and brittle response to stims. IVF #2 (antagonist protocol) Feb 2014 => Converted to IUI (Perfect conditions). BFN. IVF #2.1 w/ new RE June 2014: Antagonist protocol. 33R, 31M, 30F, 19 blasts to test!!! I made it through without crashing!! :) Hats off to Dr. Fancypants!! ET of one 5AB blast. BFN. 13 10 CCS'ed snowflakes! FET #1 PUPO as of 7/29 Betas: 8/[email protected], 8/[email protected], 8/[email protected] (etc.) Two sacs on 8/15, one seen on 8/18 after a bleed. U/s 8/25 (6+3) "perfect": 5.9 mm + [email protected]! U/s 9/4 (7+6): 15.9 mm + [email protected] bpm! Please, PLEASE stick this time!!!!
  • I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.  (( hugs ))

    I just started on HGH last night for my second IVF cycle.  If you have questions about it, I can let you know my personal experience.  (Or, at least, I should be able to after my retrieval).

    FYI - It took between 7-8 weeks for AF to come after my D&C at the beginning of May.  I was told the average is about 6 weeks.  I didn't know it at the time - I thought AF would come shortly after the D&C.  Just wanted to make sure you don't get as worried as I was.

    *** Ticker Warning ***

    Me: 37, DH: 39, TTC 5 yrs

    2013 summary: Diagnosed with Hypothyroid; Cervical polyp removed (benign); 
    2 rounds ovidrel with timed intercourse (no result): 3 rounds IUI with clomid + ovidrel (no result)
    2014 summary (to date):
    IVF cycle 1 - ER: 4/17 (28 follicles, 3 fertilized, 2 survived to day 3);
    ET: 4/20 (3rd day, 2 embryos - 1 @ 6 cells & 1 @ 4 cells); Beta 5/1 - BFP!; 
    1st scan 5/13 - development behind, no heartbeat detected; D&C 6/2; WTF 6/13
    IVF cycle 2 - BCP begun 7/12; stims w/ HGH begun 7/26; 
    ER: 8/6, 12 follicles, 7 fertilized w/ ICSI; ET: 8/11, 3 blastocysts left, 2 transferred, 3rd arrested 8/12 - none to freeze :'(
    1st beta 8/19 - BFP! 294; 2nd beta 8/26 - 4976; 1st u/s 9/2; 2nd u/s 9/9 - two little heartbeats at 140 each!!! 
    EDD: 29-April-2015
    Other Meds: Synthroid 100 mcg/daily

    Pregnancy Ticker
  • gnl42gnl42 member
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I really hope the next step will bring you good news. 
    Me (31), DH (33), one furbaby (7) - unexplained IF 
    hysteroscopy and polypectomy 2/14
    IVF #1 3/2014 - cancelled (early ovulation)
    IVF #1.2  ER 5/16/14: 23R 18F -  freeze all (12) due to concern for late onset OHSS 
    FET #1 in June - delayed due to thin lining, 7/18 SET (7.5 mm lining) resulted in chemical pregnancy
    FET #2 in Sept - 9/4 transferred 2 CCS tested embryos (6.5mm lining)
    9/13 beta #1 - 400, 9/15 beta #2 - 950, U/S 9/22 one gestational/yolk sac - next up 9/29
    3 frozen CCS tested embryos remaining
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. Big hugs...
    Siggy Warning

    TTC#1 since June 2012

    Dx: Unexplained Infertility / AMA

    BFP after 4th IUI cycle with Gonal F + Ovidrel on March 2014 | EDD 12/7/14 | MMC on 4/14/14 

    IUI#5 with Gonal F and Ovidrel trigger on 6/6 - BFN

    On to IVF #1 with a new RE. Started Gonal F and Menopur on 8/15.  Added Ganirelix on 8/24. Trigger on 8/26 for ER on 8/28. 8R 7M 3F.  Transferred all 3 on 8/31. BFP on 9/11 | EDD 5/20/15 - Beta #1: 56.7. Beta #2: 97. Beta #3: 1148. Beta #4: 3559. Beta #4: 7678. MMC confirmed on 10/13. D&C on 10/14 at 9w. Confirmed male with Trisomy 14.

    On to IVF #2 in March. CCS Testing on 2 embies. No go. Waiting to start IVF #3 in July. Surprise BFP on 6/14! EDD - 2/20/16 - Beta #1: 121.4. Beta #2: 236.4. Beta #3: 2014.

    December 4image

  • @AMShark, thanks for letting me know about AF. I've been Googling averages on how long it takes to return, since I think my paperwork said up to six weeks. And I'm very eager to hear about your experience with using the HGH. I hope you see great results!


    ***************************Loss Mentioned***************************

    Me 37 y/o, DH 45 y/o; DH vasectomy reversal (his 2nd marriage) 11/8/12; TTC since 12/8/12. IVF due to MFI. DOR diagnosis April 2015.


    IVF #1 BCPs/Antagonist w/ICSI Jan 2014 = BFN

    IVF #2 MDL w/PICSI March 2014 = BFN

    IVF #3 EPP/Antagonist w/PICSI May/June 2014 = BFP!; MMC 6w4d

    IVF #4 No suppression/Antagonist Nov 2014/Converted to IUI #1 = BFN

    IVF #4.1 Feb 2015 = cancelled

    IVF #4.2 April 2015 - Lupron Stop Protocol with ICSI = PGD testing of embryo indicated it was abnormal

    IVF #5 June 2015 EPP with Antagonist 


    Everyone welcome!

  • fjamil1fjamil1 member
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    edited July 2014
    So Sorry for your Loss ((Hugs)).

  • I'm so sorry for your loss...there really are no words.  But hopefully the HGH and urologist help out. 

    Me 33, DH 37 -- TTC since Jan'12 -- Low AMH (0.78) & endo, SA w/ low motility
    IUI's 1-3 = BFN, IVF converted to IUI 4/13 = BFN
    IVF 1.2: 8R 6M 4F -- 2 blastocysts frozen, FET 8/15 = BFP!!
    Beta #s = 445;1,098; 9,545  -- EDD 5/2 -- Team Pink!
    Camila Josephine arrived 4/30 :)
  • So sorry you're back. It sucks to be back to square 1 when you think you've finally succeeded.
    Ready to take the road less traveled. 
  • I'm so sorry.

    My TTC Story:

    Me: 40,DH: 48, Married 10/07/2011, TTC since 09/2011, 03/2012 Started Clomid, 04/2012 Clomid, 05/2012 Clomid, 06/2012 Went to RE, he found a plum size fibroid in uterus, husband has low sperm count, 06/06/2012 Removed fibroid, 08/2012 Hysteroscopy
    IVF #1 October 2012 - Retrieved 8 eggs, 5 fertilized, 10/13/2012 Transferred 3 embryos - 8, 5, and 4 cells, the other 2 eggs did not survive freezing, 10/26/2012 BFP!! Beta: 11, 10/26/12 Beta: 2 = Chemical Pregnancy
    IVF #2 - March 2014 - Mini IVF - Retrieved 5 eggs, 4 fertilized, 4 Frosties - 8, 9, 7, and 7 cells all in good condition. 
    IVF #3 - May 2014 - Mini IVF - Retrieved 2 eggs, 2 fertilized, 2 Frosties - 6 and 8 in good condition. 
    FET #1 - September 2014 - Transferred 2 embryos - both 8 cells - BFN
    FET#2 - November 2014 - Transferred 2 embryos - BFN
    FET#3 - February 2014

    *PAIF/SAIF Welcome*

    image image  image image   image image

  • I'm not sure how I missed this when you posted it. I am so sorry for your loss and sorry to see you back here. (((Hugs)))

    There are a lot of similarities in our cases so I always find your REs insight very interesting. Thank you for sharing it here. I switched to an RE that doesn't require Day 5 transfers in order to give our embryos a better shot. We have the same issue with them falling apart after day 3. It's such a frustrating problem to have because there is no scientific reason why that happens. It can be chromosome abnormalities, male factor or "other". All we can do is pull out all the stops and hope for the best.
    *** TW ***
    2013: BFP #1 - M/C 3/13
    2014: IVF #1-4 = BFFN
    2015: Dance break = got healthy
    7/2016: IVF #5 = BFP!!!
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  • I'm so sorry. That's really interesting info that your RE shared. I wish you so much luck going forward.
    TTC since May 2012
    Me: 32 H: 31
    DX: MFI-Very Low Count, I have Hashimotos.
    IVF prep September 2013 cancelled due to Ovarian Cyst
    IVF #1 October 2013 Antagonistic Protocol with ICSI  ER 10/31/13 (18R 16M 11F- 6 blasts to freeze)
    ET delayed due to OHSS 
    FET scheduled for July 8. Delayed due to a crazy high TSH (it had been under control for YEARS!)
    FET #1 8/5/14 sET BFN 

    All welcome!
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