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More period talk

For those who have had a couple or more periods by now... Are they regular?

Re: More period talk

  • Mine's regular. I've had two and they were exactly as they were before I was pregnant.
  • I had mine at about 7 wks PP and it was much lighter than normal... Curious to see how the next one will be, wouldn't mind if they all stayed as light!
  • Mine are actually being regular they are just lasting longer than 7 days. I was never regular before my pregnancy.
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  • I had my first period 6 weeks pp and its been 30 days and i have had cramps on and off for a few days but no period yet. Feels like i am about to start but nothing. Pre pregnancy i spotted a day or two before and had short cycles from 25 to 28 days. I guess it takes a while to have our bodies go back to normal unless my body is changing as i get older...?
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    I'm on my first period PP now. I started Monday and thought i was going to bleed to death for two days. I think I bled more than I did PP!! I was soaking tampons so fast I was wearing a pad too! I've never had to do that!! Then it almost stopped yesterday. Having very light bleeding now.



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  • I've only had two, but they were exactly 5 weeks apart which was my pre pg norm.

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  • Just got mine again today... A bit late from pre pregnancy but im glad it came!
  • Ehhhh I had a dream I got my period last night.... Hope it's not a sign it's around the corner.
  • I just started mine on Wednesday, it was 9 weeks pp exactly and I think I am bleeding to death. Lol
  • Light period the first week of July, lasted a normal amount of days for me. Then the end of July and now beginning of Aug. I got it again, 5 days very light, and now it's my normal flow with no end in sight. I was worried it was going to be very heavy... I'm hoping that after baby that maybe my periods will be predictable (in a few months). I never had that luxury, it would be nice
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  • I just started mine on Wednesday, it was 9 weeks pp exactly and I think I am bleeding to death. Lol

    See my post. I also thought I was bleeding to death. But the death bleeding only lasted two days!



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  • Mine is so weird. It is like I'm losing my mucus plug all over again--without being pregnant.

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  • I thought I had one at 7 weeks pp, but maybe I just had heavier pp bleeding? I'm 11 weeks and nothing in site yet for a period but I keep thinking it's gotta come! Here's hoping it doesn't lol

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