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Who's Having Contractions?

Welcome to the contraction party! 

Since there are so many of us experiencing contractions (but not in labor, or not sure we're in labor), let's discuss it here. When did yours start (what time, day, or week), what are they doing now (nothing right now, every couple of hours, etc.), etc.? I swear on all that is holy, every time I read new birth stories, I start having minor contractions. My body is like, "Now? Now? You wanna do this now? You seem to be thinking about it right now..." 

I got checked yesterday morning. No dilation, but very soft. I had a few contractions later that day that I blamed on the exam, a few more while I slept, and several episodes today where I feel very menstrual crampy for a half hour or so...then it fades for a few hours. Then it comes back for a half hour or so. 

Good times. 

How about YOU?!  
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Re: Who's Having Contractions?

  • I just feel crampy and some pressure on my lower back.

    I sometimes feel BH but nothing consistent as of late.

    I'll find out if any of this means progress when I get checked next week.
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  • I think I'm having "real" contractions occasionally. If not, they are stronger BH than I had with my last pregnancy (but it's funny how you can sort of forget, and I find myself questioning!). No cervical checks for me yet, but baby is clearly low, and I know he's head-down from his growth u/s last week.
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  • I felt a few cramps sporadically for the last few days, then last night I had some serious cramping off and on for about 30 minutes. I actually called L&D, but they went away. I've had a couple more small ones today. I'm ready for my weekly appointment on Wednesday so I can see what's going on down there.
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  • Been having BH on and off since last week. Nothing serious though, they just like to tease me. They also don't hurt, just uncomfortable.

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  • I had consistent and very painful contractions often yesterday. (38 weeks with baby #2)  Right when I was about to pack the bag and head for the hospital they started falling off. (They were lasting 30 seconds and average 2 minutes apart for over an hour)

    Now they've faded into constant period cramps.  I'm pretty pissed off... I was totally ready for labor yesterday and now I'm just really confused!

  • Me and I am not happy about it.
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  • I have menstrual like cramps more often than I don't have them throughout the day. At first they were just in my abdomen, but now they've spread to my back. Not sure what it is or if it means anything. 
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  • mkbearmkbear
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    I started having them on Tuesday. They have been progressively been getting more and more frequent and stronger, but seem to stop for a little while every now and then. I woke up 4 times from contractions last night. Still no other signs of labor being anywhere near though. Im 39 weeks and 1 day now.
  • Well I've been having cramp like contractions on and of for three weeks. Unfortunately, I've also stayed at a fingertip dilated for the past three weeks as well. Very discouraging and annoying- we've booked an induction for next Friday and I'm really hoping she comes on her own before then!


  • I've been having them for weeks. Yesterday my midwife said I was 5-6 centimeters which wasn't too shocking since I've been progressing about a cm a week since 36 weeks (I was 3 then). I just knew last night was the night and they stalled around bed time as usual. They are back today and getting stronger, but at this point I'm not holding my breath.

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  • Contractions for over a week. Two different days they have been very painful and close together and then they taper out. I am only 1cm so no real progress. I did this with DD too.
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  • Had them on Tuesday from 330am-9am, 8-10 mins apart. Thought it was the real deal.. (Have been stuck at 2.5cm/50% for a week and a half). Then suddenly they just stopped. Wtffff. C'mon baby. No more "practice" contractions!
  • stoofewok said:
    I've had random contractions that I can't walk through, but never with any consistency. I feel crampy pretty much constantly.


  • Had them on Tuesday from 330am-9am, 8-10 mins apart. Thought it was the real deal.. (Have been stuck at 2.5cm/50% for a week and a half). Then suddenly they just stopped. Wtffff. C'mon baby. No more "practice" contractions!

    Ditto on the no more practice! This is not my first rodeo, baby, it's time to either let me sleep or gtfo.
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  • About a week here- last night I thought for sure they were actually going somewhere- then spaced out again after two hours. They never really increase in intensity- are just uncomfortable. But knowing I am 3 cm and having them so often is messing with my head.

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  • I have been having BH for a month and a half. They have increased gradually, but still irregular. I can have 1 every hr, then one every 2 mins for an hour,then one every 10,20 or 30 mins. with crampy feelings mixed in there every now and then...I am 37 weeks and 4 days today. my Dr doesn't plan on checking me until my next appointment (38w 1d). I am interested to know if I have dialated at all or if my cervix has softened. totally off topic, but something strange happened to me today. I started to feel light headed and my heart rate increases. so I went and sat down to have something to eat and try to relax...but I just continued to feel off. had my BP checked and it had spiked to 182/117!! off to L&D where they did a non stress test. baby looks good my HR was high, but my BP gradually came down, they tested my urine- no protein. actually it was negative for everything. so we have no idea what caused the spike. any thoughts?
  • Me. I've stopped timing the damn things bc despite starting strong and maintaining frequency, they always eventually decrease in intensity. Today during my non stress test, the nurse and OB were surprised at the frequency / duration of my contractions and asked me if they hurt. Nope. Still BH. FML and this emotional roller coaster.
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