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Baptism age of your LO?

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For those of you baptizing your LOs, I'm curious to know how old LO will be:

Baptism age of your LO? 94 votes

0-1 month
6% 6 votes
1-2 months
11% 11 votes
2-3 months
12% 12 votes
3-4 months
23% 22 votes
4-5 months
20% 19 votes
5-6 months
7% 7 votes
6-12 months
8% 8 votes
over 1 year
9% 9 votes

Re: Baptism age of your LO?

  • giggler25giggler25 member
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    My DD will be 4 months old. I wish I was doing it sooner bc i really wanted to have it in August but didn't get my act together in time...
  • Dd was 6 weeks. We would have waited a little longer but it was the only weekend in the summer that the pastor had a free weekend. I wish we could have waited a little longer.
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  • @Bliz1712‌ - How sweet that you are using that outfit!! I need to buy something for DD...
  • Did you guys have a private ceremony? Or was it done during normal church service?
  • In our church baptisms are typically held in groups directly after 12pm mass on Sundays. However, all of our family is out of state so we arranged a private Saturday ceremony so that our families can travel to attend.
  • Brooke's baptism will be August 24th and she'll be 3 months almost 4 months (August 30th).

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  • DD was three weeks old
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  • DD was baptized this past Sunday. She turned 3 months on Wednesday.
  • sticky11 said:

    We also don't do infant baptisms (non-denom) but our church does dedications as part of the regular service every few months. We'll do that at some point but haven't discussed exactly when yet.

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  • MK1013 said:
    We don't do infant baptisms at my church, but we do have child dedications. They are only scheduled a few times a year. Last one was seriously the week before DD was born, and they haven't scheduled the next one yet. So waiting on that ...
    Everything you said. Exactly. Including just missing the last dedication! I'm torn, though..... Advice needed. We just joined our church that practices dedication instead of infant baptism when our son was 1-ish, prior to that I was at the same Lutheran church I had been my whole life, so DS was baptized at 1 month, there. We then had him dedicated at our new church when he was 3. My entire family (and part of me in all honesty) wants her to be baptized, but I want her dedicated at our new church. Doing both though, is that "wrong?" It just doesn't seem right that DS has been baptized and she wouldn't be...... :/
    Well, I think baptism is a spiritual decision. It's an outward sign of you deciding to follow God. That's what denominations that don't do infant baptism usually believe. We don't baptize babies because that's a decision a person has to make, not something you can decide for a baby. My mom was Lutheran and our grandpa was upset we weren't baptized but  I don't think you compromise your beliefs to satisfy others.

    I guess I don't understand baptism as just a tradition or a family party. It has real spiritual meaning to me.
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  • DH doesn't necessarily believe that you need to be baptized. He grew up catholic and now kinda rebels against all the "rules". I am Presbyterian and I want LO to be baptized. If he grows up and decides it isn't for him, then I'm all for him figuring out what or if he believes in anything. I also had him circumcised so I'm pretty ok with making decisions for him :P
  • We don't baptize until they are 8 years old but we do a baby blessing. She has hers next Sunday :)

  • He will be 3 mos, 2d. I'm excited- my uncle is a minister and will be coming up from WV to do it. My DH is Jewish, so it is going to be more of a general "blessing", as opposed to a real Christening, and done at our home just with family. Should be nice!

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  • Ours is on the 17 th, he will be exactly five months old. It well be incorporated into mass, only immediate family will attend. Wanted it a bit earlier, but this is how it worked out.
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  • mfosburgh said:

    When they are old enough to say they want to be.


    We do a baby dedication though when the pastors pray for the parents and child in front of the church when they are around 5 months.
  • I'm coming from a Catholic background so I personally would recommend the baptism. As my husband argued when we were trying to schedule the baptism, God forbid something should happen and DS die without having the forgiveness for original sin.

    And on a side note, that is exactly why Augustine posited the existence of Limbo. Babies who died before being baptized couldn't go to heaven because they still had original sin, but it doesn't seem fair that they'd go to hell because they haven't committed any actual sins. Today the Catholic Church just says we rely on God's mercy in that case.


    We scheduled our LO's baptism for 3 weeks after her due date. She ended up being 10 days early tho, so she was baptized when she was a little over 1 month.
  • Hers is this Sunday!
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