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need to vent

Okay so i have several big tests tomorrow(laws and rules, infection control) and one small one(makeup) i can not get any studying done!

Bentley will sit on my book, close my book, crawl away with my books or get into other general trouble (unplug my charger, try to stick his finger in moving fan blades)
So i decided to try and start our bed time routine. He drank two ounces of formula and poured about another ounce on me and my book and he keeps moving so he doesnt fall asleep.

Im not ready for my tests, and my dress pants are coveres in formula.
Fick tonight

Re: need to vent

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    I feel you a little bit. Emmalynn was a real pill tonight to get to sleep. I put off homework last night bc she's been waking up 2-3 times a night and my sleep has been like last night I ATTEMPTED to zonk out early. Not even 5 minutes into my drool on the face pass out, she woke up. Anyway, tonight she wanted nothing to do with i had to rock her and let her keep the nip in her mouth. Then she just wasn't happy and I had enough, so I put her in her crib and she fell asleep pretty quickly after that. I did one assignment and half assed another one. it's hard as hell to be a full time mom, student, and work full time.

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  • You girls in school - I give you a ton of credit!!!'

  • He is, but my mom will nit let him fuss it out. She swoops in and saves him.

    @eg214 honestly sounds like shes in the four month sleep regression
  • Have you spoken to your mom about letting him cry it out?  I finally put my foot down with my dad about it, and he claims he's not "swooping in to save her", but "comforting her while she cries".  8-|

    So, I think a few more talks to get a reasonable time frame before he starts coming in with the save might get him to back the fuck off.
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  • Were working on it. Ive got her to give him 20 minutes
  • I have only gotten him to give her 5min, but we're still working on it, lol
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  • Yeah I think she is having her 4 month regression at 6 months. FML.

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