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  • I combo feed (about 70% breastmilk, 30% formula) and it's still hard! Kudos to you EBF moms, you can do it!



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  • I hate to disagree with @babylimas but I think pp comment was slightly condescending ... "I promise your baby will still grow and develop beautifully." ... To me that part was a bit obnoxious.
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  • I don't know if this will be helpful but I did notice that my body adjusted to going longer in between nursing/pumping sessions. It took a few weeks to adjust (I waitress so pumping during work is more of a pain than its worth). I definitely felt engorged and uncomfortable once I hit 4.5-5 hrs but now I can comfortably go 5-6 hrs.

    I guess my advice here is to just go places/do things (LO in tow or not.) maybe take a hand pump or go hand express for a few minutes if you're really uncomfortable. it'll suck the first few times but im glad I gave my body the chance to adjust because I have much more freedom. I just pump the second I walk in the door!
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  • For you moms that pump in the car, I recently read about these:
    I think they are brilliant. I found them via a baby blog written by a local wedding photographer. Her story with her LO about EBF is really interesting, if you have a chance give it a read: Little Baby Sea

    When I'm shooting weddings (8-12 hour days) I usually find myself pumping away in my car to stop from feeling engorged. It's always a hassle trying to cover up. I love the idea that these go right into your bra and collect the milk! They aren't compatible with my pump (I have the Ameda Purely Yours), but I'm going to research if there's an option that works with my pump, it would be so much easier! Heck, I could drive and pump at the same time!

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  • @benniea thanks for the tip! I will check it out right now :-)

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  • MA&CB said:
    I definitely have moments where it feels overwhelming or I feel weirdly resentful that MH doesn't have the same responsibilities I do as a mother.  When I was pregnant we got tickets to a concert in August that I really wanted to go to, and I figured "the baby will be 5 months, it will be fine".  But now that he's here, and I'm EBF'ing, I realized I couldn't think of a really great way to go and enjoy it.  It's 3 hours away, standing in the pit, and then 3 hours back after a long work day - I couldn't figure out how to pump, who would put my baby to sleep when he usually nurses to sleep, didn't feel fair to be apart from him all day and night.  So I sold my ticket, and I'm sad about it, but there will be another time and not another baby.

    I'm way more comfortable NIP'ing this time around than I was with my first.  I'd almost always pack a bottle if we were going out with DS1, but I only do sometimes now, like going out to eat so I can eat and not worry about it, but otherwise I NIP, and that does make it feel easier.
    same for me with the concert... MH got the tickets 6 months ago, figuring LO would be just fine.  And she will be, but not me!  I've been trying to pump a little extra every day (on top of 3x a day at work + 2x am/pm at home - and 2/3 nursing sessions)  just so there's enough for Saturday while we go out.  I had to go buy a battery pack for my pump, so I can pump in the car, and a manual to pump in the bathroom.  MH heard me complaining, saying I didn't even want to go, and he' s pissed at me now. He just doesn't get that the pumping is a full time job.... and now i feel bad b/c i know he's realy looking forward to going
  • I've always taken DD with me. Haven't done any long day trip yet, but she's been to a wedding, many bonfires, out to dinner with friends, fundraising events for marching band, etc. I just nip and always bring my wrap.

    I only pump if I'm not going to be home for work, teaching dance, or marching band. Otherwise she comes with me. I don't let her tie me down. Everyone is used to me nursing her now so they don't make a big deal of it .

    For those with limited outfits, have you tried the tank top trick? I also wear a tank with stretchy straps under my shirt. So when I go to nurse, I pull the tank down under my boob and pull my top shirt up. Making nip discrete and I can wear almost all of my shirts.

    This! Also, with the layering shirt over nursing tank, it allows a covered with no cover feed. This is lovely because it's been over 100 all week, WAY too hot for a cover.

  • I felt that way much more with my first, I think I just got used to it by the 2nd and now 3rd.  And it really does get easier at 6ish months if they're desperate for food and it's not a good time to nurse you can give them something else to eat and hold them over for a bit.  

    For me, it helps that I will nurse just about anywhere and I bring the baby with me almost everywhere I go.  She's always been able to go with the flow, or maybe it's because she's been on the move with me since she was a week old!  

    If you're going out without the baby, a manual pump can help get you through without taking too much time.  Just pump when you're feeling uncomfortable if you're supply can take it.  Oh, and I've found that using a bit of lanolin on the flanges makes the pump more efficient.  I don't know why, but it's like magic ;)
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  • JenW1029 said:
    @Missfunball‌ I understand what you're saying and agree; however people need to remember that everyone has a different perspective and just because it's advice you wouldn't give doesn't mean it's bad advice. The OP asked for advice and I provided it from my perspective. I had no breastfeeding advice for her as I was unable to breastfeed. I simply provided a view that others don't have (for the most part) as the majority of March14 are breast feeders- so it seems. My point exactly when you mentioned formula being "back up". I'm not referring to formula as backup. I said she shouldn't feel bad about considering switching if she decides that's something she wants to consider long term. It's great for others to encourage her to keep going - you can relate to one another. However people don't need to lose their shit when they read replies that may come from a different perspective.
    Then you have no breastfeeding advice.  The end.  Like FBW said, not relevant.
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  • @Kalpa521‌ and @memo9‌

    My post simply came from a supportive standpoint. Certainly not threw the judgmental eyes that have been commenting on my response.

    If your not a EFF mom you have no idea the scrutiny that we are put through- from co - workers, family, nurses, physicians, labels on all products "Breast is best". A constant reminder! I wanted to breastfeed and was unable - I don't need to justify why. My comment about "I promise your baby will grow and develop beautifully" came from the standpoint that EVERYONE makes you feel otherwise. People want to share articles and charts. I even had a family member ask me if they could nurse my baby with their BOOB! Because it would be better for my child. Did I get upset with her, no! Because I know from her perspective she was coming from a loving place. I simply declined by saying thanks for the offer, but we're okay. Most that breastfeed act like they walk on water when speaking to a non-breastfeeder. Kinda like everyone that has replied, with the exception to @babylimas‌. Thank you for understanding my original post and not jumping down my throat.

    I'm done trying to justify my original response that was not in any way offensive nor rude.
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