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What would you do to satisfy a pregnancy craving?

I've got some mad cravings today, I really want some ice cream with caramel sauce, Mexican food, Ice cold Ale-8 and cool ranch Doritos. Oh and maybe some fresh donuts with chocolate icing from the bakery or just yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I'm willing to fix my hunny his favorite dinner and give him some nookie to get at least one of those things. What are y'all craving and what would you do?

Re: What would you do to satisfy a pregnancy craving?

  • As long as what I'm craving isn't difficult to obtain, I would go get it.

    Then you don't have to worry about bribing anyone.

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  • Doritos now! Thanks!;)
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  • I drove an hour for sushi hahaha
  • Walking has become difficult at this point, plus I'm not brave enough to take all four kids to the store because that just ends up really sucking for everyone and mom comes home empty handed and mad. (I keep my step daughters every other week in the summer so I have my hands full) that leaves me bribing my husband.
  • I would just ask him then. haha

    I haven't had any die-hard cravings. Some things I want, but not like OMG I NEED THIS NOW.

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  • I don't think I have had any cravings until I read your list! Yummy!
  • The furthest I would go to if I wasn't up to getting it myself is pick up the phone and order in my craving.

    Also, my SO is really great about my cravings. If he's already out, he will get me anything I want but I never send him out when he is comfy at home.
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  • I picked up a Cinnabon cinnamon roll on lunch today... It's sitting on my desk... And I'm trying to Not look at it.
  • I just remembered that I have thin mints in the freezer that I saved. Hellllll yes!
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  • Well ladies I will no longer bribe or ask for anything the rest of my pregnancy. I actually may have a mini melt down since I followed through with cooking and DH lied about my ice cream. I'm really having a pity party right now.
  • If there is anyone in Las Vegas that would be willing to ship a burrito from Roberto's to Ohio I would love you forever!!! :D
  • I want brownies so bad but I am lazy to make them homemade and I have not been to the store I get box mix. I asked people to make me some but the people who would do not live close enough to me :(


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  • With my first, I over in the middle of nowhere. I had a craving for a specific brands of cream soda. I ended up driving almost 200 (round trip) miles and went to five different gas stations in search of said soda. When I found it, I bought every last bottle they had (13). :\">
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