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Cost of childcare for infants--West side

I am just starting my second trimester and I am trying to plan financially for our new addition.  This is my first child, and I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how much I should be budgeting for child care.  I live in Lakewood and work full-time, as does my husband.  At present, I am considering all my options--in-home care, group babysitting, more traditional daycare, and whatever else is out there that I'm not yet aware of!  My husband asked me how much child care will cost us each month, and I had no clue.  Anything you can share would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

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  • For full time budget $50/day (so roughly $1000/month) and you should be in the ballpark.
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  • Also, I would recommend starting to call/tour places now.  There usually isn't much availability in the infant rooms so you want to make a decision/secure your spot fairly early.  When you call they should be able to give you a better estimate on price and their current availability.  Honestly, just calling places helped me cut a few off my list.  The center we ended up choosing was my favorite after just that initial phone call (and confirmed after our tours!).  They spent quite a bit of time with me on the phone talking through things and it was a great, very personal experience.  Some other places were very short/rude.  First impressions are important to me.
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  • I live in Lakewood too and the budget of about $50 a day is right on point.  There aren't a whole lot of options in Lakewood, but I knew I wanted to stay in the area because I work FT downtown.  DS was born in June 2013 and we started looking in January of that year.  We agreed on a place in February and got on a waitlist.  So yes, start looking now!

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