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I'm suddenly very scared-updated

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I came in for last growth scan today. The ultrasound went ok but she wasn't moving as much as they'd like. Still that wasn't a huge issue since her heart rate and everything else was good aside from her measuring small...the issue...high blood pressure, headache and protien in my urine. I felt something was wrong after the ultrasound when the tech kept coming in to check up on me and let me know we were next. Good thing...little girl is happy as can be lol

A lot of the blood results and urine sample came back. The gave some meds to bring down my blood pressure and I've been told that I'm gunna camp out in labor and delivery tonight...possibly am going to get induced tonight depending on how things look.
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Re: I'm suddenly very scared-updated

  • I'm sort of in the same position.  I haven't had any ultrasounds since the 20 week anatomy scan, but these issues (headache, high bp and protein) just popped up on Monday.  Progressed from Monday to when I went back in Wednesday and now I have to go back in tomorrow morning for another NST and an ultrasound.  I'm a little scared, too...I feel like tonight is going to be a LONG night.  Luckily I don't feel any worse today, but I know that stuff can change without feeling bad, so...we'll see.  Ts and Ps to you!
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  • I'm sending you good vibes. Hopefully all turns out well. Keep us updated when you can xox
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  • Good luck gals. Relax as much as you can! :)

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