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WTF dog?!?

She ate charcoal, and puked all over the white tile floor in her room.  I love her to death, but really...charcoal?  The bag doesn't even look like her dog food bag.  There is no way she was hungry.  My daughter is in the give the dog a treat every 5 minutes phase.  AND why does dh think her room is a good place to store the charcoal while it rains?  I really need to go clean the floor, but I really do not have it in me to get down on the floor and scrub.  DH needs to be the one to clean it, but the washer and dryer are in there.  I need to do a few loads of clothes. :( 

Re: WTF dog?!?

  • My dog ate a spider this morning. And a mole over the weekend.

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  • I run screaming at my little dog when I see her following our other dog around waiting for a poo to drop. it's sooo disgusting!!!!!!
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  • Maybe she ate something bad for her and somehow knew that charcoal is given to dogs to help minimize toxin absorption.... haha... (granted it's liquid activated charcoal, but close enough!)  Sorry you get to deal with the aftermath, that doesn't sound like fun to clean up...
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  • My dog (who has NEVER chewed anything other than her toys) destroyed the cute area rug in the nursery last night.  DH and I were both shocked and she knew she was in trouble the second he caught her.  Fortunately there was no puke, but I hope that was a one time incident!
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  • I am thankful our dog does not really eat anything but tears up used tissues. Only the used ones. 


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  • My dog has caught more animals than my hunter husband. ::eye roll:: But I guess that is what I get for getting a Scotty.

    It was worse when I had cats as a kid (can't have any more in so terribly allergic). My cray lived to bring her catches into the house and "share." Sometimes still alive but mortally wounded. :-&
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