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Breast Feeding Apps

What is the best breast feeding app??


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    Don't worry @YoginiKiki you don't absolutely need one. :) I was just fine using paper and a pencil with DD1. At first you will want to keep track of when baby ate, how long, and which side. Most important is to track wet and dirty diapers. That is how you can be sure baby is getting enough breastmilk.
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  • I used the baby connect app...its not free, but I loved it. I am a nerd and love graphs and charts. It keeps track of sleeping, eating, diapers, play time, growth...and after a week or longer you can look at graphs and charts to see patterns in the eating and sleeping. 
    In the begining it was helpful because I always forgot which breast I had nursed on last, so I would put it in this app and it would remind me.

    Also, you can have other people log onto it keep track. I loved it, I will be using it again. 
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  •  I plan to meticulously record feeding this baby too because it's really need to see all the stats from the entire period I BF'd my girls. For example I can tell you that my Abby had 2,229 nursing sessions in her first 19mos and I spent 16days, 12hrs and 29mins nursing her. I think that's cool to know. :)
    That is really neat! I didn't have a smartphone last time. I may not Want to know how many weeks total I spent nursing my crazy beast... but really, I kinda do!
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  • I posted this on the fb page Tuesday:

    Just thought I'd share with the group that I found a feeding app that I love. It's called Feed Baby. You can track so much through it. I'm tracking breastfeeding (attempts), bottle feedings, pumping sessions, and diaper changes. You can set alarms and even sync your account with another device. So my husband and I can both log information and share between our phones. I highly recommend it and it's FREE!

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