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I've had intense contractions of and on since lunch yesterday. Some bouts have been very strong, lasting 30 sec each, 1 1/2 min apart for over an hour. Everytime I reach a point every I'm ready too go to l&d they ease back just into period cramps.

This is my second and I'm 38 weeks. First baby was born at 38. I kind of want to call and just see if I should come in and have my progress checked. I was 2cm and very soft at my appointment on Monday.

Or should I suck it up and wait? I didn't think early labor would be this long with number two....

Re: What Would You Do

  • It sounds like you are ramping up, but I doubt there is much to be gained from going in and a high risk of potential intervensions.  My second would decend so low every morning I had to wait for her to move back up so I could walk...but she would...this went on for 2 weeks.  I ended up having her 8 days after when I had the first.  It was a bit frustrating, but when it was time for labor, most of the work was already done and she was here quickly.
  • Some women have long early labors for weeks before giving birth. Every pregnancy is different too.

    But when in doubt, it never hurts to call L&D and see what they say!

    Good luck!
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  • I agree that you are probably in the early stages of labor, I went through that with DD1 for a few days before she was born. 

    Of course, if you are not sure then call.
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  • With DS i was in early labor for 2 weeks, Kept having contractions. It's better to wait it out there's no reason to go in and get checked at this point. Also if they keep you and baby isn't ready you could end up having a lot of interventions
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  • Thank you! I know you all are right. I think I had grand dreams of this second kid flying out just hours after my first real contractions. Patience had never been a virtue of mine.....

  • I feel you girl. I had early labor with DD for over a week. I thought this time would be faster. Nope early labor for over a week this time too and no baby.
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  • Put me in that same boat. Had my son at 38w 4d after 4 days of early labor. This time I'm at 38w 3d and have been in what I think is early labor for 2 days now. I put my money on a July baby, but it looks like she's being stubborn!
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  • I agree with the other PPs --- no need to go in for a check, but maybe call and just let your OB/ MW know what's going on ---- see what they say ! Good luck!






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