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Good dr apt.....

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So I'm 38wk 5days today and had another weekly check in. At the check in the dr told me if I didn't have the baby by 41 wks I would be induced on 8-18 (due date 8/9) she hoped it wouldn't have to come to that but we were just playin out scenerious....

After that discussion she did a cervical check and her look was priceless!! She started with " I can't believe how low he is, to WOW you're 80%effaced, negative 1 station... But only 1 centemeter dialated....

She of course told me to schedule another appointment but made it really clear that she doubted id make it another wk after doing my cervical check! Here's to hoping!!!

Any other good news out there you're getting at the dr's office?!?
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Re: Good dr apt.....

  • I have my last growth ultrasound today. Which means they consider me full term andno longer need monitoring. That's the only positive I got out of my appointment...i also got some bad news but I won't go into that...
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  • I had my 36 wk appt yesterday. Had my strep test done and he swabbed my vag and rectum. Fun stuff. I thought they would check me but said they would at my next appt at 38 weeks. I'm happy and sad about that - was kind of hoping to be checked to see if any things happening, but I also know it wouldn't necessarily mean much.
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  • I wish. I've been 50% and 1cm for weeks and he's been super low. Although that was weeks ago, and I declined a check at my appointment on Tuesday so who knows. I feel like it just messes with my head! Maybe at 39-40 weeks I will want to be checked if he is still not here :)
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  • I was 2cm or a "tight 3" at my last appointment (Tuesday) and 70-80% effaced.  With all of this monitoring of my blood pressure, blah blah blah, I hope that she comes sooner rather than later so they don't have to induce me.  

    ...then again, I could really use the weekend to get some things fixed up around the house.  

    Monday sounds like a great day!
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  • I leave in about 30 mins to go to my 37 week appointment. 


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  • @lookame3639 ; Sorry you got some bad news. You're in the home stretch now though, so that's encouraging!

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  • I actually got some good news at my 37 week appointment Tuesday too! My blood pressure has stabilized in the past three weeks, although high it is not high enough or rising for my dr to worry anymore. No protein in my urine, lost weight so not retaining water. No talk of induction anymore and didn't have to get all the blood tests and ultrasound like I did the previous week! Whew, I can finally relax a bit. Also, 1 cm dilated, 80% effaced and lost my mucous plug yesterday. Things are moving right along.
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  • I have my 37 week appt next week and will most likely be checked. I was checked at L&D at 35 weeks and was closed up tight. Hopefully there will be some sort of progress next week.
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