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Last Chance Treats?

I've been pinching pennies pretty hard this whole summer since we all know how pricey baby is!  But I decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi at the fancy salon near my office and I cant wait(especially for the foot rub part of the pedi)!!!  Once this baby comes, I'm sure it'll be a loooooooong time before I go for one or both again.

Other than that, the next couple of weekends DH and I are planning on going to the movies and out to dinner for the last time without having to line up a sitter.  What is everybody else thinking about doing/treating themselves to "for the last time"? 
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Re: Last Chance Treats?

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    MH and I went to brunch on Sunday (ILs had DS) and to dinner last night for our nine (!) year wedding anniversary :)
    Like @zoegirlTX said -- getting manis/ pedis more regularly
    Enjoying the fact that DS sleeps 12 hours a night and we can putz around, watch Netflix, etc. after he goes to bed ... IIRC, NBs don't sleep quite as long ;)






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  • I'm getting a massage today to help relax and hopefully kick off some labor action.
    And, it's Harry Potter's birthday so I will likely watch one of the movies this evening :)
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  • SO and I are planning to go for dinner at an old inn and spend the night there this weekend. It's 30 mins away from home. It's on the water and just beautiful. Our last outing before baby comes!
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  • @Justine2502 that sounds WONDERFUL!  Enjoy!!
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  • I'll be getting a pedicure this weekend and (hopefully again) before she arrives. I would loooovvveeeee a massage.
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  • Our 6th wedding anniversary is this Saturday, so we have plans to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and then go see a movie afterwards - probably the last movie in a theater that we'll see for quite a while! Luckily I'm still fairly comfortable even at this late stage of pregnancy so I should be able to still enjoy and sit through the whole thing.  Other than that, no other real plans other than enjoying some relaxation and sleep while I still can :)
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  • Congrats on all the Anniversaries!!
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  • I really want/need a pedicure before the big show starts. I kinda hope I don't go into labor before this weekend JUST because my toes are a chippy, nasty mess. Otherwise, eh, I could be ready anytime. But there WILL be one last pedicure
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  • Good for you! I've been taking time for myself whenever I can, even just around the house. When my husband is home I let him play with our toddler while I have a bath, nap or just lay in bed and read or go on my phone. I know I will soon be nursing a newborn at all hours of the night and day so just taking a few minutes for myself is nice :)
  • I'm off for the summer because I'm a teacher so I've been able to relax a lot more frequently than most. But I have been making frequent trips to get my toes done (and feet/legs massaged!). Next week will be the last time before baby comes (unless she appears on her own), so I really want to savor it bc I'm sure it'll be tough to get out once baby comes!


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