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3 day potty training advice??

I was going to try the 3 day potty training when my son is 22 months old. I have off a week just incase it takes longer...

Any tips? How old was your little one when you potty trained? How long did it take? Did the 3 day potty training work?

Also, can I let him be naked instead of wearing underwear? My son is still in the crib so he wouldn't be able to get up and tell me he has to pee, how should I handle that?


Thanks :)

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Re: 3 day potty training advice??

  • We didn't do the 3 day PTing, so I really don't have any advice on that process, but I did want to say, don't be surprised if he isn't ready.  He isn't even 2 yet and many kids, especially boys, aren't ready until they are closer to 3.  For my DS we really let him do his own thing, we didn't push it, we would put him on the potty frequently, but if he really insisted he didn't want to we never made him.  We didn't want it to be a negative experience.  It was probably a 6 month process for us, at first it was really only having him sit on the potty for 20 minutes at a time before naps and bath time, then closer to 3 is when we (along with the help of Day care) started putting him on frequently.  At about 2 months before his 3rd birthday he started wearing underware during the day and really hasn't had more than 3 or 4 accidents total since.  He still wears pull ups at night, and even though he can get out of his bed to go he just isn't at the point where he can hold it over night or wake up to go.  DS also wont get out of his bed without calling for us, so at night when he does have to go he will yell for us.
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  • why are you rushing it when he's not even 2?

    I alsway thought the "3 day method" was a sort of hard core way to do it when your kid is 3+ and you've tried other methods?

    My 4 yo was easily trained between 2 and 2.5, where we started going to the bathroom at regular intervals (still in pull ups) and high fives for going potty and encouraging her to tell us when she needed to go.  She was wearing underpants starting around 2.5 yo, but only recently stopped wearing pull ups at night. 

    Potty training should be easy if you wait until your kid is ready. 

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  • My kid was nowhere near ready at 22 months old. We actually never did the 3 day potty training, but I let her tell me when she was ready and at 2.5 years old she decided she didn't want to wear diapers anymore and wear underwear. She was also sleeping in a big girl bed and could get in and out of the bed herself if she needed to go.

    I would offer the potty, but I definitely would not push it. 




  • I agree with PP, at 22 months my DS is not ready. He shows interest and is beginning to gain an awareness of when he needs to go but he's not ready nor am I, for a hard core 3 day potty weekend. We offer the potty at bath time and he usually goes but that is it. And potty training a boy can definitely be a struggle, you don't want it to be a negative experience.
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  • We used the 3 day method with my son not long before DS2 arrived since we felt he was ready and didn't want to hold him up after the arrival of a new baby simply because *we* didn't have the time to focus on it.  FWIW, she thinks the optimal age for her method is 22 months and that it works best when you haven't tried other methods.  It's also extremely positive.  The core of the method is super positive reinforcement, no negativity at all.  Don't be surprised if it takes longer than 3 days to click fully though, and don't be afraid to modify it as you need to make it work for your child.
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  • My only advice to offer is that if your child isn't ready, don't force the issue.  Right before my DD turned 3, I tried the 3 day method (for 4 days) and even following everything to the letter, we were still not successful.  I had to chalk it up to her being ready in her own time.  Some kids get it right away, some don't and it's okay to take a break and retry at a later date.  Good luck!
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  • Well there's certainly nothing wrong with giving it a whirl at this age if you think he's ready - you would know Smile

    Don't give up if it doesn't click right away...though if it doesn't click after a 5-7 days then yeah, I would give up for now. 

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  • The optimal age for this method is around that age. Dd was trained right before 28mo. I think she prob would have been fine at 22, it just wasn't something really on my radar. I wasn't going to push her but I also was not waiting until 3 or longer to just see if she did it on her own.  I was very head strong on my feelings about potty training.

     I would give it a try but not push him. I wouldn't give up after a day either. Dd was fine within hours but I know others took until the 2nd day to start getting it. Don't force sitting for long periods of times, encourage him to tell you (it says not to ask them but I would remind her to tell mommy of she has to go), I also had a rule 'no pee pee on Dora', so that became sort of her thing---mommy I no pee pee Dora--

    good luck! I think the 3 day had great info but I didn't follow exactly. I modified to what I felt would work best for dd.  




  • I did the 3-day method with DD1, but she was 33 months old. She was ready, and only had one real accident. There were a couple of times where she peed on the floor a bit as she ran to the potty. I had her go bottomless, no undies, for a couple of days, then started putting her in panties. She got it so fast and it was super easy, but she was older.

    FWIW she still isn't night-trained, so her being in the crib at that time was a non-issue. I personally think expecting him to night-train at 22 months is unrealistic, and would just use diapers at nap and night time.



  • We used this method when my son was 26 months. He hadn't used the potty previous to us starting the training. For about two weeks before we started, we got a potty book and read it to him every night. I did it over a long weekend and it was really hard.  He had 15 accidents in the first three hours (they tell you to encourage liquids....we gave him a new juice with water and Popsicles...). I was ready to give up, but he didn't have any accidents during his nap.  He was still in a crib at the time.  We kept him in undies and a t shirt for the entire three days.  At the end of the three days, he was still having tons of accidents.  But, he made it through naps and bedtime without a single accident.  When he went to daycare the next day, he didn't have a single accident. After that, we still had several accidents, but never in his bed. 

    I liked this method, but it was hard. I say "we" but it was really just me....and I literally didn't leave the house for three days.  The training says that 22 months is within the age range...I would think that as long as your son can communicate, that it would be worth it to try it.  The person who recommended it to me was also successful at traing her 26 month old daughter. 

    Good luck. 

  • I used the method with both of my kids. Thye both got it in a reasonable amount of time within 4 days. B was 2.5 and C was about the same age. The e-book does say you can start around 22 months. It's really about communication and them being able to let you know that they need to go. The most important thing I got out of it was that they tell you about the potty, not you asking them. You're just supposed to say "Let me know if you need to go potty." 

    There will be accidents. C is still not night trained but there are days where she wakes up dry. B has been night trained since this past summer. Our pedi said that it's not really something you can push. Some kids are just deep sleepers and don't even realize they are going or need to go. 

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  • I just trained my 25 month old DD this week. I was following the 3 day method as well.  Day 1 and 2 were messy (as expected).  Day 3 was good, no accidents, but she didn't tell me when she needed to go, she just went/tried when I put her on the potty at designated interval.  Day 4 ended up being the same as day 3.  So on Day 5 I decided not to prompt her, remind her or put her on the potty at any interval just to see what she would do.  She completely went on her own the entire day, no accidents!  She even woke up from her nap and told me she had to go potty!  3 times in the afternoon she went into the bathroom, went potty, emptied the potty into the toilet and flushed without me even realizing until I heard the sound of her emptying the potty into the toilet!
    3 days wasn't quite enough for me, but it was enough to get the point across to get the basics under her belt.  But from my experiences this week, 5 days was needed. 

    As for being naked, etc, we put her in big girl undies for the most part, but there were times during the day that she was naked.  Either way though accidents in the underwear don't stop it from going on the floor completely, so no matter what you will have a mess to clean up.

    As for the nap/crib situation, my DD is in a toddler bed, but she can't open her door by herself so she would have to yell for me anyways. On the first day I put her in a diaper/training pants for nap time and at bedtime.  Day 2 on I left her in underwear only for nap time but put her in training pants/diaper for bedtime.  She stays dry every time.

    Best of luck to you!
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