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High BP and a little protein :-/

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So, on Monday they sent me to L&D for an NST and some labs. Everything was fine (not great, they said, but fine). I was supposed to go back to the office Friday for a check, but today I just felt off. I debated calling, but I'm glad I did cuz BP is back up and now there's some protein in my urine. I also gained 14 lbs in the past 2 weeks...after not really gaining all that much all pregnancy (I am overweight to begin with, and had only gained about 17 the whole pregnancy). Now I'm scheduled for another NST Friday morning and a fluid check. I'm feeling overwhelmed and nervous. Is it selfish that I just wish my water would break RIGHT NOW so we could just move along?
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Re: High BP and a little protein :-/

  • Boo, how frustrating. I hope everything works out for you!
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  • Of course you want your baby here before anything goes wrong - that's definitely not selfish! It sounds like they are keeping an eye on you so that's good news. Hope baby arrives soon!

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  • I don't think it's selfish!  I've been having HBP and am going for twice-a-week NSTs.  The one OB has talked about when we're inducing, which is definitely overwhelming and nerve-racking.  I had an ultrasound on Tuesday, and they said everything looks good.  I really want to avoid induction if at all possible, so now I just keep hoping that labor starts soon!

    Good luck to you!  I hope that all goes well at your appointment and that these LOs make their arrivals soon!
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  • Good luck staying relaxed and keeping that BP down until labor starts! Im also being monitored for high BP... OB says the next rise in BP will be an induction... I'm 1/2 way wishing for this despite wanting a vaginal birth. Sending natural labor vibes your way!
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  • I got news today of high blood pressure and protein in my pee screen. So now I'll be collecting all of my pee tomorrow. Wishing you the labor you want!
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