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SEX! Sex everywhere!

Ok so this post is a partial brag, partial FYI for other m14ers to try if they want.

DH and I have had sex EVERY DAY since July 5th.

Yeah you read that right. Crazy? Yeah it is! Why and how did this happen?!?

Backstory: we had all of my family over for July 4th including my youngest sister's boyfriend. We brought the futon mattress down from the attic and put it in our office so he would have a room to himself.

After the July 4th festivities, and everyone went home on the 5th, we didn't put the futon back in the attic.

Instead, we resolved to have a no phone zone and "meet on the futon" after the baby is asleep (she sleeps in the pnp in our bedroom).

It was so great! We meet on the futon and talk about our day and our goals for tomorrow and just kind of be together. Then after chatting for a while we then turn up the heat! Idk why. Maybe it's because that futon was in his apartment years ago and I remember being a saucy college girl on that futon. Whatever it is it has made him and me really happy and we love our futon time!
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Re: SEX! Sex everywhere!

  • That's awesome! Get it girl :)
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  • Aw cute about the recoonect and that it's all on the futon lol.

    I hope my DH ans I will be like that when he's back

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  • DH and I have a no phone / ipad / computer rule  from 6-8 every night. It really has helped us out. We both agreed that we felt disconnected since DD was born. This way this gives us 2 hours of un-interrupted family time. Sex life has picked up some , but not every night. I don't have time for all that haha.


    BUT get it girl !


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  • benniea said:

    If I suggested this no phone rule I'm pretty sure DH would roll his eyes at me. :(

    You never know. He may be wanting to reconnect and also get sexy time.
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  • You go get you some!!!!! I'm super jealous! I can't wait to get all fixed (the right way) so I can start getting some on a regular basis and comfortably at that! Luckily DH is super patient :)

    The no media idea sounds great- we will have to give it a try!

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  • Do you use any lube? 

    I dunno if it's becaue I'm EBFing but I'm so dry down there. Sorry TMI!
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  • Dh just installed a hot tub outside (it's almost new and we got it for $500! caveat- had to move it ourselves) and I can't wait to have some 'soaking' time in it ;)

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  • Aliki said:

    Do you use any lube? 

    I dunno if it's becaue I'm EBFing but I'm so dry down there. Sorry TMI!
    Does DH's tongue count?
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  • Super jealous of your sexy time. I'm getting so lonely I may have to invest in a B.O.B. before too long :-w


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